Episode 64
Episode 64: Getting Real About My Wellness Journey
Show Notes

Getting Real About My Wellness Journey

A lot of things go into caring for yourself well: the mental, the emotional, the spiritual. And so much of our health stems from how we’re caring for our bodies. What are we using to fuel our energy? How much are we moving? It’s something Emily’s been thinking about a lot over the past few months. Emily shares the catalyst that caused her to dive deep into her health and wellness (spoiler alert: it’s definitely not something you’d expect) to see if she could tackle why she was losing hair, experiencing allergic and autoimmune reactions, and feeling the effects of inflammation all over her body. After working with her doctor and a health coach, she’s sharing four doable changes she’s made this year that’ve had a huge impact on her strength and energy levels, and helped her get back to feeling like her best self. 

A couple PS’s on this episode:  

[1] Let’s be real: none of us at Team Simplified are doctors. We’re sharing this info friend to friend, so you can decide if adjusting the dials on your wellness routine is something you’d like to try.

 [2] Don’t forget: your body is unique. What works for someone else may work differently for you, and vice versa. And that’s okay!

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

Over the years, as I’ve learned more and more about autoimmune disorders and how closely they’re linked to our lifestyles, I’ve noticed that the things I put in and around my body really impact the way I feel.” Emily Ley 

“Wellness is a total “grace not perfection” area for me. I’m still figuring out what’s working best for me and my family. And at any time, parts of this routine could change. And that’s okay! I’m giving myself the grace to stumble around a bit here.”  Emily Ley 

When it comes to moving my body, I set realistic goals for myself, but I don't beat myself up if those goals need to flex a little in real time, because that's life.” Emily Ley 

“None of these changes happen overnight. These are all choices I've made slowly and deliberately. It's a rate of change that feels natural and doesn't feel like it's taking a lot of effort. I think that's the surest path to sustainable change. I think that's how you keep changes in your life for a long time instead of just a season.” Emily Ley 

“ I’ve been talking about this lifestyle journey for the past few months on Instagram, and there was one comment that really stuck with me. @julie__roberts__96 shared that she’s been on a similar journey to mine, and she said that she was ‘committed to the lifestyle and not the results.’ I think that’s really wise, because that perspective leaves some room for mistakes and for growth. It leaves some room for trying out a new product, or putting a new practice into your routine, and it leaves room for an ice cream sundae at a friend’s birthday party. Emily Ley 

Four Lifestyle Changes That Helped Me Feel My Best
  1. I started working with a health coach.

  2. I started to eat with more intention.

  3. I got back to moving my body with more intention.

  4. I switched to cleaner products for my home and body.

A Blessing for Your Week

May you receive boundless energy as you make choices for your health. 

May your spirit grow stronger as you fight for the strength and well-being of your body. 

And may you know that you and your body are so, so good—right now, right this very minute—and that you are worthy of love and belonging just as you are today.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Nutrition has a lot to do with how we’re feeling. I’ve found that one of the easiest ways to stay conscious of how nutrition is affecting how you feel is to record what, exactly, you’re putting into your body. Not in a punishing, calorie-tracking kind of way, which I know can be a little triggering if you’ve ever struggled with disordered eating. I’m talking about journaling so that you can find some connections between your energy levels and the foods you’re eating. 

Start recording what you’re eating in a notebook, or the Simplified Wellness workbook, or a free app like My Fitness Pal, or even your Notes app. About an hour after your meal, pay attention to how you’re feeling. Is your stomach doing somersaults? Do you feel tired or a little bloated? Do you feel pretty normal? Do you have more energy than you did?  Setting this kind of intention around my energy has been really eye opening, but another tool might be more helpful for you here. 

There are many ways up the mountain—if your tool is different from mine, leave me a comment in the Instagram post for today’s episode. I would love to share that as a resource for others on their wellness journey.

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