Episode 65
Episode 65: You’re Doing Great, Mama (a May Pep Talk with Sally Clarkson)
Show Notes

You’re Doing Great, Mama (a May Pep Talk with Sally Clarkson)

May is the Christmas of spring: it’s a beautiful time of year, filled with flowers and fun and new life, but if you’re a parent, you also know May is . . . *a lot.* All the recitals. All the field days. All the ball games and practices, all the projects before  school’s out. And while you try to navigate all the end-of-school-year fun/chaos, let Emily and her guest, author and podcaster Sally Clarkson, remind you: You’re doing great, Mama—you really are. Sally is someone Emily turns to time and again for parenting advice, as Sally’s raised four exceptional young humans. And today, Sally shares stories from her own days in the May trenches, and gives us a gentle pep rally to remind us that great mamas aren’t the ones who have the perfect snack bags for field day, or have the summer schedule already filled to the brim with edutainment. Great mamas are the ones who not only provide for their kids, but also remember that in order to care for someone else well, we have to care for *ourselves* well, too.

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

I wish that I had just trusted the seasons more and just relaxed and gone with it. I think everyone is exhausted of life, and goals, and lessons, and recitals, and all of these things when you get to May. And now I look back and I realize that a lot of those things didn't even matter.” Sally Clarkson

“If you understand that your children, or friends, or ministry, or whatever are regularly taking from you, then you have to understand that at some point you have to keep filling up or else nobody will have anything good to draw from you.” Sally Clarkson

A Blessing for Your Week

In spite of all the craziness, may you remember that a good mom is someone who loves her children—and that’s been true of you every single moment since you laid eyes on them.

In spite of all the scheduling madness, may you remember that the word “no” is a complete sentence, and that you get to decide what gets an intentional, enthusiastic “yes” for your family.

And in spite of the full calendar, I hope you remember that this busy season won’t last. The hustle and bustle will stretch out into the slow and sweet summer calm before you know it.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

A massage or a manicure can’t fix a broken heart, but they sure can help a tired one. Today, I want you to put something on your calendar that’s a self-care treat just for you. It doesn’t even have to put a dent in your budget—it could be something as simple as taking your kids to a friend’s house while you and your partner grab some takeout, or you have a solo night watching Gilmore Girls and eating popcorn and painting your toes a hot tomato red shade that’s perfect for summer.

Self-care can’t fix everything. But carving out a few minutes to take care of yourself, outside of being a mama, can help a lot.

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