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Simplify your days.
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Simplify your days.
Shop 2023 Simplified Planners! 🌟

Our Story

Emily Ley at her desk
stationery for shipping on shelves

200801. Our company was founded with a love for monograms, stationery, and organization.

stationery for shipping on desk

02. Little by little, our community grew and we created products to support their quests for simplified lives.

Emily and Bryan looking at computer screen

03. Early on, it was just Emily (the creative one, with help from her business-minded husband, Bryan).

Inventory all over the room

04. The business grew and grew and began to take over more
than just her guest room.

Emily and Gina with the first Simplified Planners

05. Emily’s first team member, Gina, joined just as the first Simplified
Planner was born (so too was Emily’s first child).

Emily smiling at her desk

06. Emily rearranged her guest room a hundred ways
to make all the products, packing materials, and desks fit.

Brady putting a package on a mail truck

07. Eventually, her son Brady proudly helped put
YAY! stickers on boxes and take them to the mail truck
every day.

Stacks of USPS boxes

08. The first Simplified Planners were
specifically designed to fit inside free USPS
Regional A boxes.

friends sitting on the floor, packing boxes

09. Friends came over to help pack boxes.
A daily cheese and fruit lunch was a tradition we all
looked forward to, standing around Emily’s kitchen.

Emilys twins playing

201510. The team began to grow (including two very special members - Emily’s twins). Eventually, they outsourced shipping to a larger fulfillment house.

Emily with Whitney and Brittany

11. This gave the team the opportunity to branch into new products and new ways
to help their worldwide customer base simplify and organize their lives.

Book cover for "Grace not Perfection" Book cover for "A Simplified Life" 2016 2017
Emily next to retail endcap
Teammates next to retail endcap
201812. The team partnered with AT-A-GLANCE and released new
lines of Simplified product in Target, Office Depot, and Staples.
Simplified As the company mission and culture began to grow and change, Emily changed the name of the company from Emily Ley to Simplified. Now, Simplified is a team of nine women, each passionate about simplifying life to allow for more of what matters most.
Simplified® by Emily Ley

My team and I are so grateful for your love, support, and friendship over the years, and so excited for what’s ahead! Come with us!

Meet the team

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