Episode 51
Episode 51: Keep Getting to Know Your Person (with Bryan Ley)
Show Notes

Keep Getting to Know Your Person (with Bryan Ley)

Who knows you better than your person? Probably no one! But do they know * everything * about you—and vice versa? Let’s find out! Emily’s husband Bryan is back on the show for a little Valentine’s Day fun. There’s plenty of laughs and a few sweet moments as Emily and Bryan trade some of their favorite stories and memories, game show style. 

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Game 1: I Have Something to Tell You…
Grab your person, and ask them to complete each sentence.

  • What I think of when I look at our wedding photos is…
  • I owe you a thank you for…
  • A time you helped me change my mind was…
  • A story I hope our kids will tell about you one day is…
  • Your favorite story about us is…
  • After all these years I'm still surprised that…

Game 2: I Guess I Know You Pretty Well
Grab your person, and ask them to complete each sentence the way they think *you* would complete it.
(warning: prepare for laughs!)

  • I spend too much money on…
  • I’m most competitive when it comes to…
  • At a party you’ll find me…
  • If I didn’t have this job I would be a…
  • Lately I’ve been getting a lot better at…

Thought-Provoking Quotes

I'm thankful for holidays like Valentine's Day, as cheesy as it is, because we have a built-in day to tell our people how much we love them. Sometimes it's fun to say it with candy hearts and roses but I think it's even more fun to spend some time together doing what I enjoy most, sitting and talking and laughing.” Emily Ley 

“No matter which route my life would've taken, I would've always thought about where he ended up.” Emily Ley 

“I'm surprised that you still put up with my shenanigans and you still think I'm funny and you still laugh at me. You're not trying to square peg, round hole me. You kind of let me be me. And I do appreciate that.” Bryan Ley 

“If life were easy, relationships would be a lot easier. But life's not easy and so the person who you're with tends to take on a lot of that and so just be patient, be kind.” Bryan Ley 

A Blessing for Your Week

May you experience the gift of being deeply known and understood and loved for who you are. 

May you extend that gift to the special people in your life. 

And may you be surprised and delighted by learning and growing together for years to come.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

When it comes to the people we share our lives with, sometimes we think we know everything about them — but as you can tell from today, that’s clearly not the case! Sometimes you just need to ask a few questions to unearth some hidden gems.

Try having your own Q&A night with the special people in your life. And it doesn’t have to be a romantic partner! There’s so much we can learn about our friends and family, too. That’s the gift of deep relationships, no matter what kind they are: you’re always getting to know someone, even after all these years.

You can use our questions as a jumping-off point. We’ll have the list of questions Bryan and I asked each other up on the show notes at emilyley.com.

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