Episode 52
Episode 52: Going Beyond a "Just Getting By" Life (with Mallory Ervin)
Show Notes

Going Beyond a "Just Getting By" Life (with Mallory Ervin)

Sometimes you look up from your busy life and realize . . . this is not the story you thought would be yours. And without even realizing it, your spirit slid from “Everything is awesome!” to “I’m just getting by.” That’s what former Miss Kentucky and three-time Amazing Race contestant Mallory Ervin realized one day—and she decided she was going to do something about it. Mallory and Emily talk about Mallory’s brand-new book called “Living Fully,” where Mallory candidly shares about the addiction that gradually took over her life until she decided she wasn’t going to live that story anymore. Mallory reminds us that living a full life doesn’t mean the absence of “bad” things, or letting other people decide what makes you happy. It means despite whatever is happening, you’re choosing to pursue more of what matters to you. It means spending more time with the people and work and ideas that makes you come alive. (PS: If you need a pep talk today, then *this* is the episode for you!)

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

When I was growing up, it was ingrained in me to set an example and achieve and be the good girl and the shining star. And I think this is a lot of people's journeys too, and achievement wasn’t crippling to me until in my early twenties” Mallory Ervin

“I want to live fully. I want to live the biggest life I possibly can every single day—not at the end of my life after I retire and after I'm out of a busy season and my kids are out of the house. I want to live it now.” Mallory Ervin

“A lot of us let other people define what happiness should look like, so you don't even take a second to think, What does happiness look and feel like to me? And if you don't make that decision, the world will make it for you.” Mallory Ervin

“I love my life now, but that was a very intentional choice. I was not just born like this. I think some people think you're born under a lucky star, or you're born into this family, or you're just naturally glad. And I believe that it is a choice and you can step into this vibrant way of living.” Mallory Ervin

A Blessing for Your Week

In seasons where you’re just getting by, I hope you remember the fiery girl you once were. 

In seasons where you’re burning bright, I hope you remember to reach out a hand to a sister who needs you. 

And above all, I hope you remember that you are wonderful and worthy, just as you are right now.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

When you’re in the middle of a “just getting by” season, it can be hard to see the forest for the trees and remember your why—AKA the thing that gives your life purpose and meaning. If that’s where you are, it might be time to take ten minutes to remember what matters most to you. Seriously. Take ten minutes, and think about the people and the work and the causes that matter most to you. Because remembering what matters lights a fire we may have forgotten we have, and it can be the torch we use to see the path forward.

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