Episode 109
Episode 109: Millennials & Marriage: What’s Hard? What’s Great?
Show Notes

Millennials & Marriage

What an interesting time to be alive—isn’t that right, Millennials? That’s especially true when it comes to being partnered or married to someone, because the world looks a liiiiiittle different than when our parents were our age and trying to navigate their own relationships (i.e. The economy! A pandemic! Social media!). Laura and Jessa get vulnerable and peel back the curtain on their marriages, each going on dozen years. What’s been the best thing? What’s been super hard? How do they handle the difficult places like parenting and finances? This is a super insightful convo, full of grace and plenty of laughs. After all, as Laura says, “You laugh. You fight. You choose each other over and over. That’s marriage, right?”

**Also, please know you don’t have to be married or partnered to live a full, wholehearted life. Relationships of all kinds bring meaning to our lives. 

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

You laugh. You fight. You choose each other, over and over again. That’s marriage, isn’t it? .” Laura Kashner

“Every generation kind of makes marriage its own thing. The way Alex and I are partnered isn’t the same way that my parents were. That’s totally normal.” Laura Kashner

“When Tyler and I started, nothing came easy. I mean, it felt like everything was hard. But loving someone unconditionally becomes so much easier because once you're married, and you're seeing what this person is carrying: from being raised, to becoming a father, and to his career, to leading teams of people and all of that. And I think when you see what they carry, you're able to empathize so much more with them.” Jessa Bray 

“I think when you’re on years of being together and being a team, you see the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. And so your level of respect and your level of love just grows and grows, because you're doing this thing together. You're in it. This is the only person you're in it with, right? It's unlike any other relationship.” – Laura Kashner

“The most loving thing that we can do with one another is trust each other fully.” – Jessa Bray

“If there's anything I would tell someone, if they're married and looking to have kids, is you need to be okay with sacrifice.” – Jessa Bray

A Blessing for Your Week

No matter where life takes you,

I hope you feel the warmth of giving your heart to someone, 

and receiving theirs in return.

I hope you have the courage to be vulnerable,

And the courage to say what you need.

I hope you have more belly-laughs than you can count,

And that whisper-fights behind closed doors are kept to a minimum,

And above all, I hope your hopes for the future outweigh your fears,

And that love for your people wins at the end of every day.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

“For us, it is critical that we make an effort to have time together, just the two of us on a weekly basis. Whether it’s dinner out, a quick 30-minute walk, or a weekend away—book the babysitter, and make it happen. Continuing to “date your spouse” by taking an interest in each other and spending time together, whether it’s fun and spontaneous where you try something new, or it’s space to talk or wrestle through tough conversations. It is so crucial for our marriage.”
 – Laura Kashner

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