Episode 108
Episode 108: Comfort Watch TV Shows to Escape from It All
Show Notes

Comfort Watch TV Shows to Escape from It All

Sometimes you just *need a minute,* right? Jessa and Laura definitely do, and they’re talking about alllll the shows that bring them a quick dose of good feels: shows to put on in the background (look at you, The Office and Park & Rec), who’s Team Friends and who’s Team Seinfeld, which reality TV shows and documentaries are worth your time (have you seen The Jinx!?), and—most importantly—why Schitt’s Creek may be the greatest comfort watch of all time (“EW, DAVID!”).

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Jessa + Laura’s Comfort Watch TV Picks

A Blessing for Your Week

After a very long day

When so much is asked of you,

I hope you get to let out the breath 

you didn’t know you were holding.

I hope you find a cozy nook,

and your favorite snack,

and a fuzzy blanket to dampen the sharp edges of the day,

while you spend some time nestled into a brand-new world.

One with stories different than yours,

with people who may not look like you

but remind you that what we’re all facing the same things:

That sometimes life is challenging 

But deep at heart, people are still good

And we’re here to help each other all along the way.

Also, I hope whatever show you watch is just really great

and that you really enjoy the heck out of the Peanut Butter M&M’s.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Do you love The Great British Baking Show? Do you get sad when you run out of new episodes on Netflix? Well then—did you know that there are a bunch of spinoffs that are just as good as the original? I know it doesn’t seem possible—but it’s true! 

With the magic of a VPN, you can watch The Great Canadian Baking Show on the CBC, and even The Great Australian Bake Off if you just google it and find episodes on a random site called Daily Motion (although be prepared to watch random internet ads on the Australian version). The judges on each of these shows are delightful. And spoiler alert: Dan Levy of Schitt’s Creek fame hosted the first couple seasons of the Canadian baking show, and he’s just as wonderful as you think he is. These shows should help you get through your Great British Baking Show drought. You’re welcome.

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