Episode 101
Episode 101: The Best Quick-Dinner Finds from ALDI
Show Notes

The Best Quick-Dinner Finds from ALDI

Need a 30-minute weeknight dinner without burning a hole in your credit card? Jessa would like to introduce you to the magical world of ALDI. #IYKYK

(PS: ALDI has no idea who we are. We’re just doing this episode because we really like ALDI!)

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Jessa’s Favorite ALDI Finds

  • Specially Selected Garlic Naan Bread
    For Bruschetta Flatbreads

  • Peeled Garlic
    Just make your life easier—buy peeled garlic

  • Nathan’s Hot Dogs
    For Chicago Dog night

  • Grillo’s Pickles
    For Chicago Dog night

  • Thin-Sliced Beef for Carne Picada
    For Jessa’s Carne Picada Tacos

  • Chopped Mango
    For Jessa’s Carne Picada Tacos

  • Tajin
    For Jessa’s Carne Picada Tacos

  • Black Bean Soup
    For Jessa’s Carne Picada Tacos

A Blessing for Your Week

This is a poem by a fabulous poet named David Gate. If you need some inspiration or you need someone to see you—like, really see you—David somehow does that. Go follow him on Instagram for something lovely in your feed every day. 

Doing the laundry

and the dishes

and meal preparation

are not tasks of the mundane

because being clothed

and clean

and fed

declares the dignity

of human life

and nurtures us

into new days

into new eras

They are not mundane, no

They are the rituals of care

May you be blessed in your rituals of care this week.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Let’s be real—all the best-laid plans go awry, all right? So here’s what you’re going to do: you’re going to sit down for ten minutes, and think of all the emergency items you need when your plans go haywire. And I’m not talking about the disaster backpack with water bottles and medical supplies and the food that won’t expire for fifty years. Oh no. I’m talking emergency candy stashes. I’m talking frozen pizzas. I’m talking boxed Mac n Cheese. I’m talking anything that’s going to save your sanity when you have a “nope, can’t do it” moment as you’re standing in front of your fridge on Thursday night. We all need an emergency lever to pull—make sure you have yours.

PS The Mama Cozzi’s Pizza brand at Aldi is here to save you. And they’re super cheap too. Just saying, sometimes a $7 frozen pizza is better than calling your local pizza joint because having pizza on hand feels like you can conquer the world.

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