Episode 100
Episode 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes (+ a HUGE announcement!)
Show Notes

Celebrating 100 Episodes (+ a HUGE announcement!)

Join Emily as she walks down memory lane—and shares some exciting news we think you're going to love! 🎉

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

There's so much power when we cultivate a community of women, and that is what I want for us here.” Emily Ley

I'm so passionate about serving this amplified community and the sisterhood just because. I want people to know. I want people to know that. Even the people on this team working for a company called Simplified and using the tools that we create, we still get overwhelmed. We are still very much messy people in some way, shape or form in some facet of our life.” Jessa Bray

“Prior to landing this dream job, I was such a fangirl of Simplified. I utilized the Facebook group. I know how impactful the work that we do is because it impacted me very recently, and I don't take that lightly. I think the responsibility to create space at our table for every single type of woman, not just the women who, you know, organize like Emily. I try not to lose sight of that.” Liz Holtzman

“At the end of my life, I want to look back and say I tended to and cared for the people who did it for me in return. And you [Simplified Sisterhood] help remind me of that.” Laura Kashner

“We're going to get serious about vacuum recommendations, but we're also going to get serious about how to handle in-laws coming over.” Jessa Bray

Candidate for “Best Quote of the Episode”

Emily: “Okay, Laura, what’s your karaoke song?”

Laura: “Duh, it’s ‘Lady Marmalade.’”

A Blessing for Your Week

May you reach for the friends and mentors and coworkers and others 

who make you laugh,

who make you think,

and who help you find the way toward your most full self.

May you reach for the women who also need you and your wisdom,

so you can share everything you’ve learned along the way,

and perhaps make the path a bit easier for the sisters coming behind you.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

I want you to think about the women who add wisdom and joy into your life. Who do you turn to for advice? Who do you text immediately when you get a piece of good news? Those ladies make up your life council, which is something that every one of us need. So today, think about those women—and send them a quick thank-you text to brighten their days. Wouldn’t you be delighted if you got one of those texts? I would too!

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