Episode 102
Episode 102: Listener Q&A: Relationship Advice (with Bryan Ley)
Show Notes

Listener Q&A

"How did you know your partner was 'the one'? What advice would you give yourself before your wedding day? How do you move through parenting situations where you don't see eye to eye? What do we *really* get the partner who says they don't want a gift?" 

We asked for your relationship questions, and you delivered. And in honor of Valentine's Day, Emily and her husband Bryan draw from their 15 years of married wisdom to answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

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A Blessing for Your Week

Today, I hope you remember each of the relationships you have to celebrate,

Your parents, your partner, your children and friends.

And in the Valentine cards and candy you give to each other,

I hope you find memories of moments you laughed so hard that you cried,

And the times you felt a hand slip into yours as the tears slid down your cheek.

We were made for each other, after all, 

For the hard and the sweet,

To help each other go the distance. 

Simplicity Tip of the Week

It’s hard to disagree with someone you love. If you find yourself in the middle of an argument that won’t seem to resolve, especially if it’s over something trivial, try what Bryan and I do: we “throw it away.” 

Basically, when we’re at a stalemate about something that truly does not matter and we’re not getting anywhere, rather than letting that argument take over everything and ruin our day, one of us can say, “Let’s just throw it away.” And literally, we’ll take that situation, “crumple it up” with our hands, and chuck it out the window. It’s silly, it’s symbolic, but shockingly, it kind of works. It brings you out of the heat of the moment and reminds you, “Oh yeah, I like this person, and we’re on the same team.” 

So the next time you’re in a tiff, try and “throw it away.” It might help!

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