Episode 08
Episode 08: Love People Well (Growing Boldly #3)
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Love People Well (Growing Boldly #3)

In a world where we can choose to be anything, let’s choose to be kind. This week, Emily shares why treating others with respect and kindness is the best way forward, and how when we choose to love people well—even when they don’t look or think like us—we enable ourselves to grow and empathize with others just a little bit more. Emily also gives us a few tactical (and free!) ways we can love the people around us, including ourselves. Because after all, cultivating a life we love starts with cultivating a life filled with love. 

Thought-Provoking Quotes

“No matter where you are in life, no matter your job or your skin color or gender or sphere of influence, kindness counts. And it costs zero dollars to give it away.” – Emily Ley 

“I started Simplified with the belief that I was creating not just a company that made pretty products, but a company that would empower busy women to live their lives well. I decided to champion this idea of women living their lives well as a crucial part of simplified culture.”  – Emily Ley 

“Building a life you love is fantastic, but what if this life you love could also contribute to the world in a better way? What if you could spread that love to the people you encounter every single day? How can this life you love inspire others and help others and serve others so that they and you can live well?” – Emily Ley 

“What would our world look like if we started to lead our teams with a servant's heart instead of power and a firm hand? What would it look like if we valued each other enough to love the human behind the name tag? Could we do business differently? Could we expect high performance and the ability to disconnect and refuel? Could we love people better and change the world a little in the process? I think so. I think it just takes a few brave people to step out and try.” – Emily Ley 

“I wanted to run my company differently. I wanted to cultivate inclusion and kindness and creativity. I wanted us to focus on caring for each other like family.” – Emily Ley, on running Team Simplified

Simple Ways to Spread Kindness
Once you start spreading kindness, you'll see all the small places where you could start spreading it even more. 

  • Write a personal note with that order you mail out 
  • Set a reminder for the day your friend's dad passed away so you can send her a note to tell her you're thinking of her 
  • Turn down your little boy's bed in the evening and fluff the pillows while he's brushing his teeth. 
  • Text that friend who has a doctor's appointment today. 
  • Ask how someone is doing in a work email instead of jumping straight to tasks. 
  • Make your husband's favorite lasagna tonight just because you know he had a big meeting at work. 
  • And while you're at it, love yourself a little extra too! Draw a warm bath, put in some lavender bath salts, light a good candle, take a book with you, go to bed a little earlier, set the coffee up for tomorrow morning so it's waiting for you in the early hours. 
  • A little kindness and a little love can go a long way for your people—and for you. 

    A Blessing for Your Week

    I hope you remember that the definition of love is unconditional. 

    I hope you remember that love is totally, completely 100 percent free. It is never ending. It is fully forgiving, and it is available to you 24/7. 

    I hope you remind yourself that love isn't a well that will eventually run dry. 

    I hope you draw from the well as often as you need it and offer a sip to the people who are thirsty. 

    Simplicity Tip of the Week

    Compliment the very first person you see—just because. Whether it's your partner, your kid, the Starbucks drive through guy, or whoever: if they're doing you a service, tell them thank you. Actively show them the love that you're made of, and do it in a way that will make them smile after you're gone. Maybe they'll go out and do the same thing.

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