Episode 07
Episode 07: Use What You Have (Growing Boldly #2)
Show Notes

Use What You Have (Growing Boldly #2)

When you hear the phrase “use what you have,” what do you think of? Maybe the physical things you have on hand—your laptop, your bookshelf, your favorite top. But using what you have also applies to the internal traits you already possess—your grit, your perseverance, your wisdom. We all have a toolkit filled with intangible helpers at our disposal, but we often forget about them. We forget how capable we are of leading, of guiding, of loving those around us. This week, Emily reminds us that we can conquer the obstacles in our way through our own grit and determination. Right now, we can choose to tap into a growth mindset that says, “This may be hard, but it’s worth it,” and, “I won’t stop until I reach my goal.” And when we do that, we grow boldly into the life we want to build, and in the process, we encourage those around us to tap into their own power.

Quotable Quotes

“A growth mindset means that you know failure isn't final. It's just a stepping stone on your way to the end goal when it comes to helping you grow and build the life you want.” – Emily Ley 

“Maybe you've been waiting to build a life you love because you're waiting for the time to be right. But sister, I say the time is right right now. I want you to look at your own level of grit. Do you have it in you? I think you do. And deep down, I think you know that you do, too.” – Emily Ley 

“If you want to use what you already have, think about how you can grow your grit and invest in your people. These are the best tools that will help you get started in building a life you love.” – Emily Ley 

A Blessing for Your Week

May you never doubt that a powerful spirit and a whole lot of grit live inside you.

May you be blessed with those who love you not in spite of your quirks, but because of them.

May you remember the people who shine a light on your best qualities and God-given gifts, and may you offer someone else that gift in return.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Pull out a piece of paper, and think through the week ahead. Every single day, I want you to plan to do one hard thing. Just one.

Doing something that's hard for you, just one small thing, will grow your confidence and help you realize there's so much freedom when you decide to push past your fear and take a step toward the thing that scares you. You'll remember that you're equipped with everything you need right now to step into the life you want to build. 

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