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Meet the Team

Emily Ley

Founder & CEO

Job title: Design guru. Mama bear. Lover of stripes. Team Captain.

Fave color: Kelly green

What’s on your desk? Wireless headphones, pics of the littles we prayed long and hard for, my Simplified Planner with lots of scribbles and notes clipped in, samples of a few new products coming soon and a half eaten bag of gummy bears.

Favorite quote: "Love is patient, love is kind." 1 Corinthians 13:4

Favorite morning beverage: Concord Coffee with Nutpods!

Secret talent: I can stay awake and in a remarkably good mood for an obscene amount of time. That's what three kids will teach you!

Favorite SP: Navy Blooms Daily

Dusty Pyatt

Director of Community Development

Job title: Master of details and organization. Finding lost things. Mama of 4.

Fave color: Navy and green!

What’s on your desk? MacBook Pro, my SP, about 3 half finished cups of coffee, pics of the fam, never ending to do list, my phone and every pen, in every color, ever made in the history of the world.

Favorite quote: "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind." - B. M. Baruch

Favorite morning beverage: At home, plain ol' coffee with unsweetened vanilla almond milk. On occasion I love a Grande' Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew!

Secret talent: Finding the good in a bad situation and making it work!

Favorite SP: Happy Stripe Weekly!

Brittany Werth

Director of Sales + Operations

Job title: Logistics coordinator. Voice of reason. Number cruncher. Operations jack-of-all-trades. Spreadsheet guru. Devoted chocolate chip cookie aficionado.

Fave color: All shades of blue

What’s on your desk? Picture of my husband and toddler son. Black Sharpie pen + Dapperdesk legal pad. MacBook. This morning's coffee ... cold by now, but still drinking it!

Favorite quote: All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." - Walt Disney

Favorite morning beverage: At home: Nespresso Solelio pod with milk & sugar. Coffee treat: Starbucks cold foam iced cappuccino + 2 pumps caramel

Secret talent: Turning a pantry full of random ingredients into a tasty meal in a pinch

Favorite SP: Mint Tile Daily

Whitney Hawkins

Creative Director

Job title: Designer of beautiful products. Mama. Photoshoot planner. Gardener.

Fave color: Super light blue, dusty navy, and white! (does white count?)

What’s on your desk? My iMac, Beats headphones, a baby monitor, and my Simplified Planner opened with tons of crossed out lists. I always have at least one cup of coffee on my desk (sometimes three) and a pile of products with color swatches galore!

Favorite quote: "You can't pour water from an empty well."

Favorite morning beverage: Grande Flat White with 2 pumps of classic and an extra shot.

Secret talent: Knowing the entire Harry Potter series by heart.

Favorite SP: Garden Party Daily

Jessa Bray

Art Director

Job title: Magic Maker, Paint Slayer and Pattern Playa!

Fave color: "Not black", so blush.

What’s on your desk? Vintage tin container from Sweden, Vintage books, paints & palettes, a dapper desk legal pad, messy planner and volcano candle!

Favorite quote: "I am a big enough person to admit that I am often inspired by myself" -Leslie Knope

Favorite morning beverage: Iced Chai Tea Latte with an extra pump of vanilla.

Secret talent: Is it my dance moves? Those are no secret. Driving stick shift like Baby Driver? No my friends, my secret talent lies among the many rows of Ski Ball. Basically any arcade game...let's just say we don't go to Chucky Cheese for our four year old.

Favorite SP: Navy Blooms Daily

Lindsey Pyatt

Director of Content Marketing

Job title: Lover of people. Keeper of #allthedetails.

Fave color: Pink, through and through

What’s on your desk? My Macbook, three different lists that probably all say the same thing, my very lived in daily Simplified Planner, black coffee, iced lemon water, and a picture of my people!

Favorite quote: "Busy people have goals. Productive people have priorities!" -Father Mike Schmitz

Favorite morning beverage: At home, black coffee. On Fridays, grande iced hazelnut with skim #treatyoself.

Secret talent: Kickboxing. Also, I can call my mom way more times a day than you can. Try me!

Favorite SP: Blue Pinstripe Daily

Hannah Myer

Digital Marketing Director

Job title: Content creator extraordinaire!

Fave color: Blush pink and navy blue

What’s on your desk? My laptop, pineapple pen cup (with lots of pens inside), my Simplified Planner, at least one cup of coffee, a bottle of water, and whatever book I'm currently reading.

Favorite quote: "Had any other condition been better for you than the one in which you are in, Divine Love would have put you there." - Charles Spurgeon

Favorite morning beverage: Two shots of espresso mixed with a chocolate protein shake!

Secret talent: I type with one hand— over 70 words per minute!

Favorite SP: Mint Tile Weekly

Taylor Cowan

Administrative Director

Job title: New mama, teacher planner aficionado, organization expert.

Fave color: Blues, pinks, and white!

What’s on your desk? My Simplified Planner, a bottle of water, lots of pretty pens, and a baby monitor!

Favorite quote: "Don't sacrifice the good to chase the perfect."

Favorite morning beverage: Grande iced latte with one pump of vanilla, please!

Secret talent: I'm a rap star at heart and an epic fantasy college football picker!

Favorite SP: Blue Trellis Daily

Laura Kashner


Job title: Designer, Typography lover, Girl Mom

Fave color: White and all shades of green!

What’s on your desk? My iMac, my favorite pair of blue light glasses, my weekly SP, a large notepad filled with messy notes, and most likely a few pieces of “artwork” from one of my girls.

Favorite quote: “Once she stopped rushing through life, she was amazed how much more life she had time for.”

Favorite morning beverage: Starbucks Cold Brew with lots of ice!

Secret talent: I have dozens of Broadway cast albums memorized word for word. #theaternerd

Favorite SP: Happy Floral Weekly