Episode 137
Episode 137: Coping with Nighttime Anxiety: 5 Strategies for Finding Rest
Show Notes

Coping with Nighttime Anxiety

Do you ever have trouble falling asleep—or waking up at 3 AM with worries that just won’t leave? Same, girl, same. In this revealing episode, Emily opens up about her longtime struggles with nighttime anxiety, and offers some tangible tips to calm your heart and mind so you can get the rest you need.


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A Blessing for Your Week

May your body release the tension in every muscle big and small, one by one.

May your hands lay still by your sides, or find rest as you tuck them gently under the warm side of the pillow. 

May your breathing slow to a steady rhythm, taking in cool air to calm your spirit.

With each breath in, may you find yourself sinking deeper into rest, melting slowly into peaceful sleep.

And with each exhale, may you release the worries that have been binding your lungs, as calm and comfort wash over you in waves.

Sleep well, dear friend.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

If you find that you have trouble sticking to a certain bedtime, listen, I get it. When I’m on a roll with a project or a really good show, I have a hard time shutting down, especially when I don’t feel tired.

But when that happens, I want you to find a soothing bedside activity that encourages you to turn in a little early. Maybe it’s a good book. Maybe it’s a crossword or Sudoku. Maybe it’s a really good skincare routine—or all of the above. 

When your body gets the rest it needs, you’ll thank yourself when you wake up feeling refreshed instead of like a zombie. I’ve been both of those things several times—I think I’ll choose refreshed.


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