Episode 136
Episode 136: Simplifying Spooky Season! 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Halloween
Show Notes

Simplifying Spooky Season! 7 Tips for a Stress-Free Halloween

Emily’s  going to help you make your Halloween scary simple! From simple to-do’s you can check off now, to ways you can simplify the treats and costumes and parties, this tip-filled episode will help you prioritize all the fun of spooky season—and leave behind those energy vampires behind.

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A Blessing for Your Week

As you settle into spooky season, 

I hope you take time for a little mischief.

I hope the kid in you gets a chance to come out and play

Like she always did this time of year.

I hope you get to see so many smiles on your loved ones’ faces

And get to experience all the sweetness this Halloween has to offer you.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Listen. I know we’re adults, and we are more mindful of what we fuel our bodies with than when we were kids. But this is your PSA to buy some candy that makes the little kid inside you squeal with joy. Are you a gummy bear girl like me? Do you love Snickers, or Hershey Bars, or even those weird Dots gumdrops? Find some, and give them away. It’ll make you happier than you realize.

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