Episode 117
Episode 117: Thrift It, Sis! How to Shop Secondhand (+ save!)
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Thrift It, Sis! How to Shop Secondhand (+ save!)

Do you want ✨vibes✨ as soon as you walk into your home? Do you need a new top or a piece of furniture, but your budget doesn't have room for another big purchase this month? Do you miss the avocado green Tupperware your grandma collected in the '70s, or want to let your kid have the rite of passage of owning a hamburger phone? Then sis, it's time to go thrifting! Jessa's a thrifty maven who's got all the tips (seriously, just go look at her Instagram @jessabrayy—from her house to her wardrobe, she's got receipts). From saving some cash to saving the planet, to the best strategies on finding the coolest stuff without feeling overwhelmed, Jessa's got you covered. 

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Jessa’s Quick Thrift Tips

    • If you can swing it, go thrifting on a day that’s not Saturday. There will be fewer people, and also replenished stock. Win-win!
    • Figure out your style. Do you like  mid-century modern? Are you a farmhouse girlie? Having a style in your head.
    • Walk in with a Plan. You could have an item in mind, you could just have your style in mind. Either way, there’s so much stuff, it’ll be a lot easier to narrow down great finds if you have a few parameters in your head.
    • Try to find items made of quality materials. We’re not looking for particleboard—we’re looking for solid wood.
    • Not everything has to match. And that’s okay! You can mix colors, patterns, and style. Your house, your rules.
    • Think outside the box. A TV cabinet doesn’t have to be a TV cabinet forever. You could grab some paint and transform it into a floating pantry.
    • Is Goodwill too much? Try a curated vintage store. Listen, I get it: you may not have time to search your local thrift store for the best finds. But many places, there are curated vintage stores that have done the hard work of finding cool things for you. You may have to pay a teensy bit more, but that trade-off to me can be worth it.
  • Don’t be scared—have fun!

    A Blessing for Your Week

    There are treasures for you everywhere.

    Sometimes, you have to go digging for them.

    But other times, they’re right there, just waiting for you to pick them up.

    Laughing with your silly kid.

    A hug from you person, right when you needed it most.

    A stupid gif from a wonderful friend.

    And a beautiful life, filled with people to share the good stuff with.

    Simplicity Tip of the Week

    If you are looking to change things up in your home, I highly recommend a removable wallpaper or painting stripes. I know that I've said this before, but it goes a long way visually. It can change up the entire feel of a room. It's a quick and easy project for a weekend, or maybe like even an evening once the kids have gone to bed. Just play. Don't be afraid to play in your house. Like you are totally fine. And the worst that can happen is that you just paint it back to the color that it was—or you remove the wallpaper altogether. 

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