Episode 116
Episode 116: Summer Bucket Lists: A Simple Way to Create Fun + Memories
Show Notes

Summer Bucket Lists

Looking for easy ways to create fun this summer? From fresh salads and no-churn ice cream, to tips for road tripping and hosting a backyard Super Soakers tournament, a Summer Bucket List doesn't have to have *huge* things on it—and you don't have to check everything off, either. This is all about ✨vibes.✨ Emily, Liz, Jessa and Laura share easy ways you can create the kind of summer you want: one that’s a bit more loose and carefree, like the ones you loved when you were a kid.

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A Blessing for Your Week

As you gather with your people this summer, may you also gather joy in abundance.

I hope your days are filled with warmth, and love, and play,

And that your nights are filled with wonder and fireflies.

Most of all, as you enjoy this summer, 

I hope your spirit feels wild and free.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Do you want more fun in your summer? Then take five minutes when this is done, and think about three things you’d like to put on your own Summer Bucket List. Just five minutes, that’s it. 

Think about something that’s out of the ordinary that you’d like to do. Maybe you’d like to go somewhere new. Maybe you’d like to find a Groupon for a museum day, or find a recipe for homemade Popsicles you can make with the kids. Maybe you want to volunteer at the community garden a couple of times, or maybe you want to try out that walking trail that’s near your house.

Remember, you don’t have to accomplish these things like a to-do list. We’re just setting the intention to create more fun and ease in your life these next few months. 

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