Episode 118
Episode 118: Wine + Women: A No-Judgment Discussion
Show Notes

Wine + Women

A few weeks ago, Emily led a discussion on her Substack that got . . . well, a little attention. It was about alcohol—the expectations we have around it,  the “wine mommy” marketing, what we use it for (to celebrate, to cope) and how that might change (or not!) moving forward. There were so many thoughtful conversations in the comments, Emily thought, Why not ask my own Simplified women about this? She brought Liz and Laura in for their takes around some scientific research and their own personal experience. There aren’t any big prescriptions or takeaways here—just some interesting observations. 

***A note as you listen today: please know this is a judgment-free zone. This topic has a lot of different angles. You may even have strong feelings about what we talk about. That’s okay! Life is filled with things that aren’t black and white. It’s filled with lots and lots of gray. That’s something we’re getting more comfortable with as we get older.

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A Blessing + Simplicity Tip for Your Week

Guys, today I’m going to end the episode with a simple thought: how are you coping with life? Especially the hard days?

Is the way you’re coping serving you? If not, is there another way you could manage your stress? Do you need to get out of the house for a bit by yourself? Do you need a walk, or a coffee, or even to go talk to someone? 

Above all, I have one request for you: don’t judge yourself. That’s not what we’re doing here. Just take a few minutes to notice the pattern of how you deal with hard moments. And think about if there’s a kinder way forward that might serve you a bit more. 

I want you to remember this when you leave today: I love you and I’m proud of you. And so are your people.

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