Healthy Habits for the Holidays
Healthy Habits for the Holidays
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Hi, friends! We're starting to reach that point in the year where it seems easier to just wait until next year for a healthier start. Well, we think there's a better way to make January 1 even better for you, so we created a tactical list of healthy habits to implement now and into the holidays. By starting a few new healthy habits and setting some intentions now, you’re preparing yourself for less overwhelm in the New Year.

If this feels too challenging or you're not sure where to start and how to stay on track, try our Wellness Workbooks. Our team worked very hard to design these as helpful as possible for you. Use it as a companion to your journey in wellness and fitness, and let it guide you to be more intentional with your health. Taking care of you, your health, and your heart is still important during the holidays. 

Healthy Habits for the Holidays

  • Drink an extra glass of water every day. 
  • Move your body – bundle up and take a walk around your neighborhood to look at festive decorations! 
  • Try a new holiday recipe that highlights seasonal, roasted vegetables.
  • Trade in 30 minutes of mindless scrolling for a 30 minute devotional. 
  • Balance exciting holiday meals that make your belly and heart full with a healthy breakfast! 
  • Find the sunshine, even if it's chilly. 
  • Swap out the sugary flavored coffee drinks for a cinnamon spiced hot tea. 
  • Rest – Enjoy your holiday by taking breaks from the go-go-go. Try not to overdo it! 
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