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Hi friends! Happy Cover Reveal Day! Our team has been working so hard on these 2019-20 Signature Simplified Planners, all our new products (page markers, mini notebooks, and three new sticker sets!), and all the accompanying Launch Week fun for over twelve months now! As our brand has grown, and our reach has grown, it's become so important to us to focus even harder on our goal of fostering sisterhood amongst our Simplified Planner users. That's why this year's Launch Week Facebook Lives (with yours truly!) are even more in-depth than ever before. We're not just talking about how to use your Simplified Planner. We're digging into how to make real life change (and deal with real life stuff) with these special tools. Find the entire Launch Week lineup at the end of this post and be sure to RSVP! If you're not on Facebook, have no fear. Our Facebook Lives will be saved to our Video Library ...
Ok, it's not exactly a new website (don't worry  your account details and Pineapple Points are still there); it's actually just a new LOOK. But we're so excited to have a web home that feels even more like US (and you!). You'll find that everything is just a little neater, a little fresher, and a little more, well ... simplified! Be sure to check out our Free Printable Library, Video Library, the "Get to know the Simplified Planner" page (with a fun quiz and more!), as well as my blog! Yep, this is now my little corner of the site to share with you  hopes and dreams, business behind-the-scenes, and the occasional favorite leggings ... I digress.
THIS YEAR'S COVERS ARE UNREAL! Seriously, one of them is my favorite that we've EVER RELEASED. Keep reading to find out which ...
* Daily Signature Simplified Planners shown above.
Mint Tile - Our Mint Tile pattern is actually a compilation of some of our brand elements. If you look carefully, you'll see the top of our signature pineapple, little zigzag shapes mimicking the sides of a pineapple, and a classic quatrefoil shape that's actually a nod to my earlier days as a wedding invitation designer (ten years ago!). It was the shape featured on a bestselling envelope liner pattern.
Happy Stripe - Happy Stripe is our signature design. We love classic, bold color, but we've wondered over the years exactly why we love Happy Stripe SO much. And, as it turns out, this ROYGBIV-esque pattern is the perfect, organized lineup of our favorites. It'll always be a team favorite.
Pink Pineapple - Our Pink Pineapple design is oh-so-feminine. I've loved pineapples since before this brand ever existed. They are the traditional symbol for Southern hospitality and make me think of relaxation, rest, and my favorite place in the world: Pensacola Beach. I love how playful this pattern is when paired with the structured layout of the design. 
Navy Blooms - Navy is an absolute favorite color around here. We dreamed of a hand-painted cover that would showcase our favorite bold pink peonies, with thick round leaves and a sprinkling of our favorite dogwoods (in a gorgeous, Southern, light blue shade). Navy Blooms is bold, tailored, and sure to be a favorite.
Garden Party - Garden Party was born of a love for getting outside — for the complexities and rich vibrant pinks found in some of our favorite flowers, the crisp greens of leaves and vines, and the life we feel when getting out in the sunshine. Basically, it’s one big hand-painted garden party! We love the life and movement this particular cover brings to the lineup. She inspires us to step outside and get the sun on our face just a little more. 
Blue Pinstripe - Amongst the organic, full-of-movement covers in this year’s collection, we wanted to create a cover that was timeless and classic, but still perfectly communicated the personality of the Simplified girl. Blue Pinstripe gives a nod to the tradition and formalities of coastal living. It’s proper, fresh, and we couldn’t love it more.
So many of you had so many good guesses on Instagram! The pink peonies in our photos are a nod to the incredibly gorgeous watercolor florals — hand-painted by our own Art Director, Jessa Bray. This year, we wanted to pair the whimsy and life of her organic blooms with the patterns that are even more structured than in years passed (looking at you, Blue Pinstripe!) to create options for every girl in every season. 
My favorite? Navy Blooms. I can't get enough of it. I'll be using a Navy Blooms Daily this year. When Jessa sent me the final rendition (I'm pretty sure it was over text message), I nearly fell on the floor. Couldn't even handle it. Those little blue flowers are reminiscent of the dogwoods of Pensacola and the Jasmine that grows on the back fence of my childhood home. I can smell Jasmine a mile away. 
Next up, the Simplified Teacher Planner (launching May 1 at 7pm EDT)! We'll be exploring the Simplified Teacher Planner in depth during a special Facebook Live on April 24. Here are a few details: The Simplified Teacher Planner is not a replacement for your Signature Simplified Planner (it's not a day planner). Instead, it's a weekly lesson planner and classroom manager. Click here to see more photos of the inside!
And, of course, we're thrilled about our 2020 Dapperdesk covers: navy and sky blue! These will launch September 4 at 10am EDT (along with our 2020 Signature Simplified Planners with these same cover / edition options). 
We hope you love these as much as we do! Here's all the fun stuff:


Yay! We're so grateful for you! Thanks for being part of our Simplified Sisterhood!




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