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Simplify your days.
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Simplify your days.
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2023 Calendar

no. 1

2023 calendar

2022 Swatchbook

no. 2

2022 swatchbook

Launch Day Shopping List

no. 3

launch day shopping list

2022 Calendar

no. 4

2022 calendar

Go To Meals

no. 5

go to meals

Routines Printable

no. 6

routines printable

Holiday Gift Card

no. 7

holiday gift card


no. 8


First Day of School

no. 9

first day of school

Routine Chart for Kids

no. 10

routine chart for kids

Habit Tracker

no. 11

habit tracker

Yes/No List

no. 12

yes/no list

"Home" Art Print

no. 13

"home" art print

BFF Survey

no. 14

bff survey

Simplified Swatchbook

no. 15

simplified swatchbook

Easter Coloring Pages

no. 16

easter coloring pages

Easter Monogram Tags

no. 17

easter monogram tags

Holiday Gift Certificate

no. 18

holiday gift certificate

Holiday Gift Tags

no. 19

holiday gift tags

Growing Boldly Gift Certificate

no. 20

growing boldly gift certificate

Holiday Shopping List

no. 21

holiday shopping list

Christmas Thank You Notes Checklist

no. 22

christmas thank you notes checklist

Thanksgiving Conversation Starters

no. 23

thanksgiving conversation starters

Pumpkin Carving Template

no. 24

pumpkin carving template

Launch Day Shopping List

no. 25

launch day shopping list

Pen Test

no. 26

pen test

Simplified Swatch Book

no. 27

simplified swatch book

The Good Life

no. 28

the good life

"Do What Matters" Print

no. 29

"do what matters" print

Perpetual Grocery List

no. 30

perpetual grocery list

Choose What Matters Today

no. 31

choose what matters today

Choose What Matters Today - Blank

no. 32

choose what matters today - blank

Simplified Planner Holidays

no. 33

simplified planner holidays

Color-Your-Own Mother's Day Card

no. 34

color-your-own mother's day card

Color-Your-Own Thank You Card

no. 35

color-your-own thank you card

My Favorite Things About Mom

no. 36

my favorite things about mom

Make-Your-Own Flag Banner

no. 37

make-your-own flag banner

Happy Floral Simplicity Print

no. 38

happy floral simplicity print

Clutter Evaluation

no. 39

clutter evaluation

12-Month To-Do List

no. 40

12-month to-do list

Striking A Balance

no. 41

striking a balance

Happy Stripe Color Wheel

no. 42

happy stripe color wheel

The Work You Do Matters Print - Blue

no. 43

the work you do matters print - blue

5x7 The Work You Do Matters Print - Floral

no. 44

5x7 the work you do matters print - floral

The Work You Do Matters Folded Notecard - Floral

no. 45

the work you do matters folded notecard - floral

Facebook Live Notetaking: Making the Simplified Planner

no. 46

facebook live notetaking: making the simplified planner

Facebook Live Notetaking: The Magic of Color

no. 47

facebook live notetaking: the magic of color

Facebook Live Notetaking: Balance and Boundaries

no. 48

facebook live notetaking: balance and boundaries

Facebook Live Notetaking: Becoming a Planner Person

no. 49

facebook live notetaking: becoming a planner person

Facebook Live Notetaking: Clutter, the Enemy of Clarity

no. 50

facebook live notetaking: clutter, the enemy of clarity

Simplified Planner Daily Page

no. 51

simplified planner daily page

Simplified Planner Weekly Pages

no. 52

simplified planner weekly pages

Weekly Calendar

no. 53

weekly calendar

Monthly Planner

no. 54

monthly planner

Wedding Planner Calendar Pages

no. 55

wedding planner calendar pages

Perpetual Calendar

no. 56

perpetual calendar

Brain Dump Checklist

no. 57

brain dump checklist

Brain Dump Quads

no. 58

brain dump quads

Brain Dump Graph

no. 59

brain dump graph

Brain Dump Blank

no. 60

brain dump blank

Brain Dump Lined

no. 61

brain dump lined

Blog Planner

no. 62

blog planner

Meeting Notes

no. 63

meeting notes

Packing Checklist

no. 64

packing checklist

Party Planning

no. 65

party planning

Color Coding Key

no. 66

color coding key

Family Meeting

no. 67

family meeting

Baby Chart

no. 68

baby chart

Diaper Bag Checklist

no. 69

diaper bag checklist

Class List

no. 70

class list

Classroom Checklist

no. 71

classroom checklist

Parent Volunteers

no. 72

parent volunteers

Student Checklist

no. 73

student checklist

Student Info Pages

no. 74

student info pages

Student Checklist Pages

no. 75

student checklist pages

Curriculum at a Glance

no. 76

curriculum at a glance

Unit at a Glance

no. 77

unit at a glance

Simplified Syllabus

no. 78

simplified syllabus

Spring Cleaning Checklist

no. 79

spring cleaning checklist

Sunday Checklist

no. 80

sunday checklist

Password Tracker

no. 81

password tracker

Borrowed Items

no. 82

borrowed items


no. 83



no. 84


Kitchen Measurements

no. 85

kitchen measurements

Health + Fitness

no. 86

health + fitness


no. 87


Gratitude List

no. 88

gratitude list

Gift Card

no. 89

gift card

Teacher Themed Gift Card

no. 90

teacher themed gift card


no. 91



no. 92



no. 93



no. 94



no. 95



no. 96



no. 97



no. 98



no. 99



no. 100



no. 101



no. 102


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