Episode 95
Episode 95: A Pep Talk for the Magic Makers
Show Notes

A Pep Talk for the Magic Makers

Hey, magic maker, we see you right now. We see you making all the lists for presents and parties and everything in between. We see the way you’re shepherding the tiny angels in the church Christmas pageant after a busy work day, and praying your mint mocha gives you a boost as you drive around and look at Christmas lights with squealing kids in your backseat. We see you adding more to your plate than feels comfortable right now. And Emily’s got one message for you: you’re doing so great. And perhaps the magic of the season looks a little different than it used to when you were the squealing kid in the backseat. But there’s so much magic to be had in this season—and you’re allowed to slow down, to take it all in yourself, and let someone else produce the magic you so freely give to others. 

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

“Christmas morning magic doesn’t lose its luster. It just changes a little bit as you get older. It may not be the shot of adrenaline and pure ecstasy you had when you were a kid and unwrapped that gift you’d been pining for since the summer. It’s . . . sort of a quiet, warm glow, isn’t it?” Emily Ley

“Friend, today I want you to remember that you are doing so good. Even if you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of obligations. Even if you feel like everyone is mad at you (trust me, they aren’t). You’ve made this time of year such a wonderful memory for so many. And you’ve brought light to many more—I bet more than you could possibly imagine.” Emily Ley

“It’s okay to put on your “holiday magic” oxygen mask before you put on someone else’s.” Emily Ley

“There are so many ways to make magic. The magic may not look the same every year—and that’s okay.” Emily Ley

A Blessing for Your Week

In this season of gathering, I hope you spend time with the people you hold dear, and celebrate the truths and love that bind you together.

In this season of giving, I hope you receive the joy of being known, and remind the ones around you how much they’re seen and loved for who they are.

And in this season of hope, I hope you remember that Love came down and walked among us, so we could see how much the world needs it—and how much we need it too.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Sometimes all you need during the holidays is one, small decision that makes things easier. 

I usually enjoy wrapping Christmas presents. But when I get behind and have a lot of presents to wrap, I don’t have time to make them perfect. So you know what? Instead of making fancy name tags, I get a big pack of cute, stick-on name tags and use those. And you know what? I’m fine with it. And weirdly, since I took out the friction of having one less thing to make perfect, my mental block standing in the way of wrapping presents shrinks a little.

You may have little things like that in your own life—small road blocks that have simple solutions. Maybe instead of making a huge batch of your famous hot cocoa, you get some really good mix at the store. Instead of making yourself wrap all the gifts this year, maybe you order a huge package of gift bags (psst, ours are really cute!) and tissue paper online. Sometimes we just need to give ourselves permission to do things a little differently this year, and take all the judgment out of it. It’s not bad to take a shortcut—it’s just a different decision you’ve made, magic maker.

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