Episode 94
Episode 94: When Holiday Family Gatherings Get . . . Awkward (with Team Simplified’s Jessa)
Show Notes

When Holiday Family Gatherings Get . . . Awkward (with Team Simplified’s Jessa)

Sometimes the holidays get awkward because families are weird. And when you get a bunch of quirky people under one roof, stuff is going to happen. And Emily and Jessa, beloved and hilarious art director for Simplified, are going to talk about that stuff. Emily and Jessa deliver some of the most cringe moments they've ever seen at their holiday gatherings (Jessa's first with her brand-new-fiancé's family might've involved her, a bottle rocket, and uttering, "I'm just new to this whole holding fireworks thing," by the end of the night). And just as important, they share a few tips on how to get through the moments where you wish you could turn invisible and sneak away as fast as humanly possible.

Listen, if you need a laugh during this crazy season, this is the episode for you. As Jessa says, "I live for these moments."

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

“Here's something every one of us knows, but maybe we don't acknowledge as much as we should. Sometimes the holidays get awkward because families are weird.” – Emily Ley

“Not taking things personally is probably the biggest way to change the game when it comes to holiday events, interactions, because you are asking people to bring everything that they've been raised on and sit at your table, so they're going to bring everything. – Jessa Bray

“In my ripe old age of 39, am learning that, that is the root of a lot of unhappiness for a lot of people. The way you think something's supposed to look or supposed to be because of TV or social media or whatever you've dreamed up.” – Emily Ley

“Always have an appetizer. If you're just relying on conversation to fill the room before dinner, you are already setting yourself up for failure.” – Jessa Bray

A Blessing for Your Week

As you gather with family this holiday season,

May you remember how to *breathe.*

May you remember that you don’t always have to agree with someone,

That sometimes you’re going to leave things unresolved,

And that discomfort doesn’t mean you’ve done something wrong.

And in the heat of the moment, may you keep a cool head, and remember the ways you’re more alike than different.

And above all, I hope you enjoy the times you have together, and get to laugh a lot along the way.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Between different ages and interests, sometimes it’s hard to find things to do with your family. If need some ideas on things to do while you’re under the same roof, don’t worry—The Simplified Podcast has you covered! 

Go back to Episode 45 called “Movies and Games That Bring Family Together.” When I tell you we have dozens of ideas for you here, I truly mean it. Some are holiday themed, some are evergreen, but we’ve got ideas that all ages can enjoy together here. Give that a listen, and let me know what works for you!

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