Episode 72
Episode 72: Four Easy, Healthy No-Cook Meals for Summer
Show Notes

Four Easy, Healthy No-Cook Meals for Summer

When it’s the hottest day of the summer and you have to feed your family, do you *really* want to stand in front of a hot stove? Um, hard pass. Time to pull some easy, no-cook recipes out of your back pocket! Emily’s sharing a few dinner ideas that are super fresh and quick to assemble. From watermelon feta salad to a perfectly constructed sandwich, these no-cook recipes will help you get food on the table in minutes, so you can get back to back to hanging by the pool, binge-watching your favorite new series, or whatever you like to do with the people you love on those warm summer nights.

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Four Easy, Healthy, No-Cook Meal Ideas

A Blessing for Your Week

As you gather with your people this summer, may you also gather joy in abundance. 

May you nourish your spirit with laughter and love. 

And may you see the bounty of the summer season in all the blessings surrounding you, right at this very moment.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

When you don’t feel like cooking, grocery store shortcuts and pre-prepared foods can save your bacon—well, maybe not your actual bacon, but they can certainly help you from pulling out your delivery apps. I love a delivery app, but I also don’t like waiting or paying delivery fees if I don’t have to.

If you’re looking to save your pennies but you still want to save time in the kitchen, maybe bank on having one easy, no-cook meal when you’re planning for the week ahead. When you go to the grocery store for your big shopping trip each week, can you set aside a little bit of cash for some shortcut dinner options—maybe $10 to $20 a week? Maybe you always buy a rotisserie chicken to have cooked meat on hand for salads or sandwiches. Maybe you always pick up a little salami and cheese when you’re at the deli, or restock your favorite crackers in your pantry. Maybe you make it a rule to just buy the precut fruits and veggies—there is no shame in that game. If all else fails, there’s always one of our favorite standbys: we always keep a couple frozen pizzas in our freezer. Because you know who likes pizza? Everyone.

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