Episode71: Investing in Yourself and Your Dreams (with Jenna Kutcher)
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Investing in Yourself and Your Dreams (with Jenna Kutcher)

In ten years, what do you want your life to look like? From jobs to family, to community and hobbies and so much more, we all have different dreams we’re nurturing in our hearts. Sometimes it’s hard to know how to start reaching for them, especially when our lives are so full already. But taking the first step toward turning your dreams into reality is something that’s changed Emily’s life—and also for her guest today, Jenna Kutcher!

Jenna is a Minnesota wife, mom, and entrepreneur who puts heart over hustle. And today, she shares her ten-year journey from quitting the corporate world, to launching a photography business, to empowering millions women to reach for their dreams every single day through her super-bingeable Goal Digger Podcast and brand-new book How Are You, Really? In this inspiring convo, Jenna and Emily talk about how to start figuring out what you want to go after, how to use micro actions to start building big results, how to break through seasons of burnout (even if you’re not a natural rester), which mess-up moments have taught them the most, and why accepting help can multiple your efforts way more than hustle alone.

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

“Build up the confidence that yes, you can do it. Yes, you will do it. Yes, you are going to go after it. Build up your confidence. That belief is going to carry you forward as you stay in alignment with who you are and what matters to you.” Jenna Kutcher 

If you're not enjoying the journey, you're missing the whole ride.” Jenna Kutcher

“I went through a season where I couldn't even utter the words, ‘I need help’ until life forced me to. And when I was forced to, it was the most beautiful awakening. I went from that white-knuckle grip to my hands being opened of, ‘Here's what's actually possible when you invite this into your world.’" Jenna Kutcher

“Every single time I've given myself margin and white space and time to explore and be curious and try new things have been the times where I've pivoted successfully. And not just successfully to the outer world, but pivoted successfully in a way that feels in alignment with what I say my values are.” Jenna Kutcher

“Do you remember when we used to sign yearbooks and be like, ‘Never change’? And there was always this underlying fear of, If you change, will you still like me? If you change, will we still be friends? If you change, will this all make sense? If I could sign yearbooks now, I'd still have that cute little bubbly font that I used as my handwriting, but I would say, ‘I can't wait to see who you become.’” Jenna Kutcher

A Blessing for Your Week

May you live into the story our Creator is writing for you.

May you link arms with your sisters and other siblings, lifting each other up along the way.

May you forgive yourself for the missteps, the harsh words, the fear and the moments of doubt.

And as you plant and till and water, may you one day see and enjoy the fruits of the good work you’re doing.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Do you ever go into something 110 percent, and find yourself burning out in—oh, I dunno—like, 24 hours? Don’t worry, I’ve been there plenty of times myself. 

One of the reasons we burn out so quickly is because our goals are a bit too lofty, and we haven’t quite learned to pace ourselves along the way. I was reading Jon Acuff’s book called Finished—which is an excellent book, by the way—and Jon has the best advice for these moments. He says if you find yourself burning out a bit too quickly, start by cutting your goal in half. Yep, you heard me: cut your goal in half. Because when the finish line is just a little bit closer, any progress you make feels like a larger achievement, and finishing feels way more within your grasp. So if you’re burning out on whatever you’re working on, try cutting your goal in half and see what happens to your progress. 

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