Episode 62
Episode 62: Gardening Hacks Anyone Can Use with Whitney Hawkins
Show Notes

Gardening Hacks Anyone Can Use with Whitney Hawkins

Y’all, spring has officially sprung!  It’s hard not to throw yourself into your local plant nursery and empty your wallet to create the garden of your Instagram dreams. But how do you get the best bang for your gardening buck? And what are the easiest plants to care for without, you know, sending them to the compost pile? Lucky for us, Simplified’s creative director Whitney Hawkins happens to create beautiful things not only with her computer, but also with her gorgeous garden! Whit and Emily talk about the easiest plants and flowers to care for inside and outside your home, Whit’s go-to tools for any gardening projects, why she built a Free Flower Stand in front of her house, and why gardening has sprouted new relationships in her neighborhood, and a new sense of confidence, wonder, and awe in herself.

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

Gardening is very much part of nature, so it's not fully going to be in your control, but it’s fun. It’s fun creating in a way that had no due dates or deadlines or constraints and I could just kind of roll with it.” Whitney Hawkins 

“I love creating beauty. And I love walking through my yard on a day that's really hard. So I go outside and I walk around for five minutes in the sun, and I feel filled back up, and it just makes me happy. I just wish that everybody could have something that brings them joy like that.” Whitney Hawkins 

“I have no desire to sell my flowers. I have no desire to sell things. I just want to share it and give a little piece of this happiness to other people and hopefully spread it around a little bit.” Whitney Hawkins 

“Winter has given me permission to rest and not deal with all the things that come with the garden, as much as I love it. It's given me perspective to slow down and appreciate the beauty of what's growing right now, both literally and figuratively.” Whitney Hawkins 

A Blessing for Your Week

May you find little bits of beauty scattered all over your days. 

May you find hope as you cultivate a beautiful garden—of flowers, of family, of hopes and dreams. 

And as you till and plant and water, may you do it all with great love and thankfulness for this new season you’ve been given.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

If you haven’t already done it this season, it’s time to get some greenery in your life! 

Whether it’s a five-dollar bouquet from Trader Joe’s, a cute little succulent for your living room, or a rose bush you plant in your flower bed, get some flowers or plants for your space. There’s a reason why people started tending houseplants and gardens more over the past couple of years: sharing your space with something living and growing and beautiful makes you feel better. 

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