Episode 25
Episode 25: Planning for the Week Ahead
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Planning for the Week Ahead

We’re celebrating big over here at Simplified—we’re clocking in 25 episodes of the podcast (!) *and* launching our Back to School Simplicity Challenge! Summer flew by, didn’t it? It’s so fun to have time for travel and adventure and ice cream sundae parties. But if we’re being honest, it also feels good to hit the Reset button and slide back into normal routine. So what’s the best way to get back on track? Emily shares how you can get a jumpstart on planning your week so you can get through it all with a bit more ease. From meal planning and a quick cleanup to scheduling some actual time for yourself, taking a few minutes to think through the next seven days will help you sleep better on Sunday night and wake up whispering, “I’ve got this!” 

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4 Ways to Get a Jumpstart on Your Week 

  1. Plan your meals. Put together a list of healthy, delicious meals your family enjoys, and pencil them in each day.

  2. Tidy up for a clean slate. Walk through your home, and pick up everything that’s out of place. Give yourself the peace of walking into a clean space Monday morning.

  3. Write out a plan for the week. Think about what obligations you have coming up, and make a note in your planner. If you have a partner, compare schedules so you’re both ready for everything coming your way.

  4. Fill your tank. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Scheduling time to do things that make you feel good will set the best tone for the week to come. 

Thought-Provoking Quotes

We might think joy just kind of happens to us. But actually we can choose to find and add joy to every day of our lives” Emily Ley 

“I love the ritual of sitting around the table and talking. And for me that matters more than the fancy food on the table.” Emily Ley 

“Carve time for yourself in the evening, at least 30 minutes. Turn off the screens, and turn on some music that inspires you and settles your soul. Dig into whatever makes you happiest and sets you up for success in the morning. Prepare yourself emotionally for a great Monday.” Emily Ley  

A Blessing for Your Week

May you find the calm and confidence to take on whatever lies ahead. 

May you find peace in plans that are kept and even in moments when best laid plans go awry. 

And as you prepare to tackle the week in front of you, may you find love and kindness along the way and give it freely to others in return.

Simplicity Tip of the Week

Take some time this week to pull out your phone, open the Notes app, and write twenty healthy, easy, delicious meals that your family loves. It could be something you enjoy cooking, or even some takeout spots that everyone enjoys. Having these entrees and sides planned ahead of time will help you automate the “What’s for dinner?” question that always seems to be lurking around, and you’ll thank yourself later.

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