[BONUS] Simplifying 2022 #3
[BONUS] Simplifying 2022 #3: Building Up Your Friendship Village
Show Notes

Building Up Your Friendship Village

The last few years have shown us just how important it is to have rich connections with others—that’s especially true of having strong friendships. Before the pandemic, you might’ve noticed your friendships have changed in shape and number over the year. For a lot of us, these kinds of changes can leave us feeling a little lonely, and even unsure of how to make new friends as an adult. In the third part of our Simplifying 2022 series, Emily is joined by one of her dearest friends, Jane, on the show to talk all things friendship! They talk about how their own friendship began a couple years ago, some of the challenges they’ve found in making adult friendships, and how they’ve learned to create space to be vulnerable and let others in, because authenticity helps new and old friendships blossom and grow.

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Thought-Provoking Quotes

We all have a story, we all have the messy. If you don't have the messy you're not telling the truth.” Jane Lauter

“Your kids are watching. So when you're doing kind things for your friends by writing a letter in the mail or putting something on their doorstep when they're having a hard day, I feel like your kids see you do that.” Jane Lauter

“There's this very raw, tender part of me that's always on the lookout for who's sad, who's left out, who needs a hug.” Emily Ley 

“Maybe your best friend or maybe your people that you hang out with don't have to do everything the same way you do. Maybe they just balance you out a little bit.” Jane Lauter

A Blessing for Your Week

“Let us pick up the stones over which we stumble, friends, and build altars. 

Let us listen to the sound of breath in our bodies. 

Let us listen to the sounds of our own voices, of our own names, of our own fears. 

Let us name the harsh light and soft darkness that surround us. 

Let us claw ourselves out from the graves we’ve dug. 

Let us look up, and out, and around. 

The world is big, and wide, and wild and wonderful and wicked, and our lives are murky, magnificent, malleable and full of meaning.”

  • Pádraig Ó Tuama

    Simplicity Tip of the Week

    If you’re looking for a way to widen your circle, guess what? There’s an app for that! Check out Meet Up, where you can find events in your town for people to join. If you’re a new mom, you can find other new moms to connect with on Peanut. And you know the dating app, Bumble? There’s actually a friendship version called Bumble BFF—I kid you not! 

    And don’t forget, there are all kinds of old-school ways to meet people, especially volunteering for a cause you care about. I bet you’ll find someone to connect with who cares about the same things that you do.

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