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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 248
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Vol. 248

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things my team and I are loving this week:

  1. I cannot do life without my Simplified Planner right now. With practices, workouts, meetings, my team in town, breakfast dates, and so much more, I need to see it all on the page. You'll thank me after you use yours too! 
  2. Also, Pouches. Believe me when I say every single gal on my team showed up to Pensacola with at least three Pouches this week. They are so beautiful, versatile, and durable. 10/10 for us! 
  3. While traveling, our team likes to carry a backpack safe for laptops. We all love this one, but * this one * is so similar for an outstanding price! Whitney brought it to our workshop this week, and we were all so impressed!
  4. Framing my new favorite holiday photo in this frame for my desk! So excited. 
  5. Okay, y'all! I know you are probably surprised to see these in my lineup. But, I'm absolutely obsessed. They feel like such a wild neutral that I am here for! 
  6. I'm loving this fall vibe. I got white, but kind of want the yellow plaid, too! 
  7. This necklace is my new favorite. SO beautiful and dainty! 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 87 – My guest this week is ... drum roll, please ... Jen Hatmaker!! We're talking about how to muster the energy and creativity to cook for your people when you have zero left in the tank, Jen’s favorite recipes for a random Wednesday night, her favorite kitchen tools and so much more. Definitely a must-listen episode! 
  9. Love this carry-on suitcase. Dusty brought it to our workshop this week, and I will definitely be ordering since she was able to pack everything she needed + more.
  10. Taylor Swift's new album!! I'll be listening until her next one comes out. 

xo, Emily 

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