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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 241
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Vol. 241

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things my team and I are loving this week:

  1. Did you see the big announcement? My very first devotional, Sure as the Sunrise, is releasing November 1. I'm so excited about this one. Pre-order now
  2. My Planner is saving my busy schedule right now with lots of work meetings and so many kid activities. Don't forget to grab your 2022 - 2023 SP on sale right now. Oh, and if you're a Calendar gal instead, 2023 Jan - Dec Simplified Planners launch September 16 at 10am EDT. 
  3. Love reaching for this clean eyeshadow every time I wear makeup. The soft pink pearl is so pretty! 
  4. This is my new favorite fall dress that I snagged on book tour. 
  5. The cutest $20 tank dress
  6. My very favorite sneakers to wear with anything, but especially dresses. Wore them all over Paris.
  7. Okay, these snack bags are so awesome! Freeze them, then fill in the morning to keep snacks cold. I love that these allow me to send healthier options with my kids. 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 80 – I'm sharing quick and easy tips to get your closets, kitchens, decor, outdoors and more prepped before your schedule gets packed with all the fun fall things (or, for you brave people who live where it snows, before the first flakes come down).
  9. My first trip to Aldi – so great! We just got one in Pensacola. 
  10. Cordless water flosser - perfect for kids with braces (and anyone in general)!
xo, Emily
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