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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 215
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Vol. 215

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week: 

  1. Our Linen Journal Collection is just so beautiful. These six Journals are definitely still bringing us joy, so we can't stop talking about them. 
  2. NEW Simplified Mugs made for another very fun week! We love them for coffee and tea and water and all the drinks! 
  3. Celebrating Emily's 39th birthday and The Simplified Podcast's first birthday! Emily is most excited about releasing her new children's book this year. Pre-order You're Always Enough today! 
  4. Speaking of little ones, these scalloped sandals are adorable. And a cute pair for the boys, too! 
  5. This wide brim hat is ideal for protecting your face and shoulders from the sun this summer. 
  6. These pajama pants are so soft and come in so many cute prints. Perfect for spring evenings at home. 
  7. TrueBill Budget & Bill Tracker – this app connects to your accounts and tells you what subscriptions you're paying for. This way, you can cancel any you've forgotten about or aren't using anymore. Money-saving win! 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 54 – This week, Emily has two special guests: Team Simplified's COO, Brittany Werth, and Creative Director,  Whitney Hawkins. They're sharing about the women who inspired them and showed them how to work hard, dream big, and lead families and businesses with creativity and compassion.
  9. This is one of our favorite cleansing products for a simplified skincare routine. 
  10. New month, next playlist. Here's ours for March
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