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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 205
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Vol. 205

Happy Friday, friends! Our team recently exchanged Secret Santa gifts with each other, and we thought it would be fun to share the thoughtful items everyone sent under $30. Exchanging friendship, smiles, and small gifts certainly brings our team together! 

Here are ten "Secret Santa" things that brought our team a little bit of joy this week, plus the podcast and playlist, of course! 

  1. Emily sent Jessa the cutest Christmas glasses with a cocktail recipe book
  2. Jessa sent Laura a scarf with POCKETS. Anything with pockets is always a win! 
  3. Laura sent Taylor the cutest apron from a store T loves. It's so thoughtful to listen and surprise someone with an intentional gift. 
  4. Speaking of thoughtful, Taylor sent Emily socks with the faces of her cats and dogs she's loved throughout the years. Funny and sweet! 
  5. Dusty sent Whitney the most perfect gathering of garden gifts and pretty earrings, too! Our favorite was the "Plant Lady" mug
  6. Whitney sent Lindsey a beautiful frame with a team photo and cozy slippers. Fun Fact: Whitney and Lindsey draw each other's names almost every year! 
  7. Lindsey sent Brittany a cheese board and charcuterie board card deck! Our team knows Brittany's love for a good charcuterie board. 
  8. Brittany sent Dusty this adorable salsa set with these dachshund ice trays. Dusty loves her dachshunds, so these are perfect double for her own ice cubes and treats for her pups! 
  9. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 43 – Emily’s sharing her favorite books for kids, from tales she enjoyed on her own to ones that she’s sharing with her children now. 
  10. Our Happy Holidays playlist is so festive! Don't miss out. 
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