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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 160
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Vol. 160

Happy Friday! Here are ten things that our team is excited about this week: 

1. Today is the last day to use the code NEWYEAR and get 20% off your Signature Simplified Planner. If you've been wanting one for 2020, now is the time to get it!

2. We get asked often if our team still loves our Ember mugs, and the answer is YES. They're a splurge but so worth it if you're looking to treat yourself! 

3. Simplicity Tip Tuesdays. We started this on Instagram a couple of weeks ago, and it's been so much fun! Follow along with us on Tuesdays as we give tips to help you simplify all different areas of life. 

4. If you need to simplify your makeup brush cleaning routine, get this. It dries in seconds and makes cleaning brushes so easy! 

5. Emily picked this facial roller up on a whim before Simplified Shoot Day this month, and we all loved it. It would also make a great gift! 

6. The 30 Day Simplicity Challenge is officially over, but if you'd like an entire list of the challenge emailed to you, you can sign up here! It also comes inside every Simplified Planner

7. These collapsing totes can be used for storing and organizing so many different things, and the best part? They fold down completely flat! 

8. Jennie Allen's new book, Get Out of Your Head, released this week, and we can't wait to read it. You can get your copy here

9. The cutest tee for Valentine's Day. If you enjoy being festive, this is for you! 

10. Our Spotify playlist. Sign up here to get a new one for February sent to your inbox tomorrow morning! 

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