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Weekly Top Ten: Vol. 234
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Vol. 234

Happy Friday, friends! Here are ten things my team and I are loving this week:

  1. It was a big week here at Simplified as we launched our very first Homeschool Planner in collaboration with Erin Loechner and Other Goose. This has been long requested, so I'm extremely excited for this to finally be available! We're thankful for all teachers in any space they choose to make their classroom. 
  2. Speaking of planners, do you have your Simplified Planner yet? August first is fast approaching, and I want you to have plenty of time to prepare for a successful year!  
  3. Oh, and are you on the hunt for a Simplified Student Planner? I found a few here! 
  4. These Q&A cards have been so great to play with my kiddos! Watching them learn and have fun at the same time will never not make me smile.  
  5. Guys!! Have you seen how cool this plastic bag organizer is?! I love it!  
  6. So many questions about my bright pink, waterproof bag! It's truly the best. 
  7. I wore this swimsuit for lake life last week, and its coverage never failed me. A 10/10 for this mama that plays kid pool games but still wants to feel cute. 😊 
  8. The Simplified Podcast: Episode 73 – This week, Mary and Megan Flo of Birds & Bees chat with me about how to talk to kids at any age about bodies and how they’ll change someday, and how bodies differ by age and gender. 
  9. Love the blue of this little A-line dress. So cute and flattering! 
  10. Don't sleep on these pajamas! They are sooooo soft.  

xo, Emily 

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