Show Notes

Vol. 22



Happy Friday! We’re loving these ten things this week and think that you will too!
1) Nickel and Suede’s Leather Earrings: These earrings are lightweight and great for every day wear but are versatile enough to be worn for a night out, too. We love Nickel and Suede!

2) TSCookies on Etsy: Mr. Brady Ley’s birthday cookies came from this Etsy shop, and they couldn’t have been more perfect. Great for any occasion!

3) Our March iPhone Wallpaper: Did you know we offer free phone wallpapers for each month of 2016? Make sure to download your new one for March!

4) Overnight Cinnamon Rolls Recipe: We’re dying to try these cinnamon rolls! The best part about them? The kiddos can help make them on Friday night, and then wake up to their creation on Saturday morning.

5) ‘5 Lifestyle Tips to Simplifiy Your Life’ by Jillian Harris: We love these 5, practical tips from Jillian Harris.

6) Our Kelly Green Journal: Perfect for recording prayers, thoughts of gratitude, or daily stories you don’t want to forget. Dump all your thoughts onto one page to help you unwind.

7) Kelly Clarkson’s Performance of “Piece by Piece”: Did ya’ll catch Kelly Clarkson’s emotional performance on American Idol last night? Watch with a box of tissues in hand!

8) Our ‘Parties’ Board on Pinterest: Are you following along with us over on Pinterest? It’s birthday season over here, and we’ve pinned some of our favorite party ideas!

9) Flamenco Pineapple Earrings: Have you seen all of the pineapples over at Lilly Pulitzer this spring? We’re swooning over these pineapple earrings!

10) Our February Playlist: Don’t forget to take a listen to our February playlist! We’ve been listening to it in the office all month long!




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