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I've been counting down to this day for months, and am so excited to say that my new book, When Less Becomes More: Making Space for Slow, Simple, and Good is now available everywhere books are sold. I am so grateful for the opportunity to write this book. Digging deep into the concepts of burnout, overwhelm, and emptiness caused by too much and too fast and too loud... was an incredible experience in and of itself. Writing the words in this book brought tears to my eyes every single day of my writing journey because this topic is so very near and dear to my heart. I have felt the reverberating head nods from so many of you while we've touched on these ideas on social media and in person over the last few years. And I am wholeheartedly convinced that there is a better way for us to live. It's a fight and its a journey, but discovering the beauty of a slower pace, the magic of the path of most resistance, and the freedom found in quiet stillness has, quite literally changed my life. And the lives of my children. I hope you'll pick up a copy to read or listen to the audio version (I had the privilege of narrating this one myself). Thank you to Carly from Carly Rae Film for spending the weekend with my girl and I to film this precious video. I will treasure it always. 

WLBM on Amazon

WLBM at Barnes & Noble (signed editions available in some stores)

WLBM Special Edition (with bonus content) at Target

WLBM at Books-A-Million

PS: I'm kicking off my Book Tour today in Charleston! Click here to RSVP for the events!

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