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When it comes to living a simplified life, we believe in the importance of making plans and writing them down. We made one of the pages at the very front of the Simplified Planner a Yearly Bucket List for this very reason. So many times, we have the best intentions to take that vacation, read more books, or spend more Friday nights with our families eating pizza on the living room floor, but life gets in the way and these things somehow get lost in the midst of the busyness. These memories will fill your well and help you be your best for the people around you, but often they aren't accomplished simply because we fail to plan for them. 

This summer, the Simplified Team is committing to doing more of the good stuff, so we each made a summer bucket list to accomplish over the next couple of months. Here's what's on our lists: 

"With our first little one in tow, my family bucket list is pretty short this summer! 1) Take baby for a walk around the farmer's market, 2) Make fresh salsa (and tons of pesto!) with the veggies from our garden, and 3) Have a breakfast picnic in the park by our house" - Whitney, Creative Director 

Dinner on the beach to watch sunset and putt-putt, beach once a week, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island, family trip to Destin, Find 2 new hole in the wall restaurants, a trip to Disney, and an overnight trip somewhere new." - Dusty, Community Development Director

"Our Summer Bucket List was giving me anxiety (we're moving this summer and have a LOT going on), so we decided to adopt a Summer Memory List instead. Do fun things. Write fun things on our summer memory list. Ta-da! So far, we've chased the sun to the ocean's edge to enjoy ice cream at sunset (on a whim, so FUN). We've gone to our local Museum of Science and Industry. And we've stayed in our PJs all day more than once, haha!" - Emily, Founder and CEO 

"This summer we are planning to visit family and friends in TN, VA and GA, take a long weekend trip to the beach, visit the Lincoln Park Zoo and Brookfield Zoo, play at the splash pad, have a dinner picnic at the park, cookout and play backyard games with our neighbors, and have lots of playdates with our friends!" - Brittany, Director of Sales and Operations

"On my bucket list is the bioluminescence kayak tour for a really amazing date night! It's just a couple miles away from us and we've been dying to do it! Top family bucket list item: visiting three different springs that we haven't been to yet!" - Jessa, Art Director 

"This summer I hope to make homemade coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate chips! Mmmm. Brett made this once before and it's by far my favorite cold treat! I love hosting, so I think it'd be fun to host a game night for our friends, because who doesn't love games? I'd LOVE to go on a weekend getaway, just the two of us without our cellphones and get up early enough for Brett and I to watch the sunrise on the beach. A BIG cup of coffee is mandatory! Oh, and I saved the best for last...plan our next Disney vacation! YAY!" - Taylor, Marketing Director 

"This summer I plan on taking as many weekend getaways and day trips as possible, visiting the beach at least once a week (even if just for the sunset!), and doing a float trip down one of the rivers here in FL!" - Hannah, Social Media Director 

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