Show Notes

Lara, Gina and I are SO excited (so excited!!!!!) to announce the first EVER Making Things Happen CONFERENCE. Over the past four years, over 700 people have joined the MTH movement that has really swept the nation in our creative industry. Lara started MTH in late 2009 with a simple blog post and met Gina and I at the first intensive. Since then its been full-speed-ahead. It has been such a blessing to meet so many empowered, passionate people making what MATTERS happen in life and business.

For years, we travelled and took the MTH one day intensive on the road. We loved the hustle and bustle of those adventures around the nation. As our families have grown and our hearts have widened even more, we’ve found a deep seated desire to have an even greater impact with MTH and stay closer to the families we love. This conference will combine the principles of Making Things Happen (uncovering a decisive and clear vision for exactly what you want to make happen) with the branding knowledge of Making Brands Happen (powerful personal branding to take it ALL to the next level!) in a two day format in Chapel Hill, NC.

Join Lara, Gina and I at the Carolina Inn for this brand new conference. We’re so stoked!! Seats are very, very limited in this new format and registration is open…. NOW! You can also enter to win a scholarship over on Lara’s blog here!

Hope to see you there in March!!




Image credit: Middle image from Nancy Ray Photography, Bottom image stolen from Lara’s blog :)

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