Team Simplified's Routines
Team Simplified's Routines
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Hi, friends! Team Simplified's "Summer Mode" has come to an end. We are so grateful for yet another wonderful summer of flexibility, fun, and rest. This relaxed schedule allows us to collect enough creativity to come back in the fall with excitement to launch Simplified Planners, prepare beautiful new designs, virtually connect with our team members, and lean into our Simplified Sisterhood. We're so ready, but before we dive in, it's necessary to implement structure and routine. This is key to easing into the fall season and back to our regular work schedules with busy social lives and family activities. 

Team Simplified shared how we are jumping into routine and what we're each looking forward to most! What are you excited for about an upcoming routine? 


Our summer was full of fun, flexibility, and adventure! But now I am 100% ready to get back into our day-to-day routine as a family! I'm looking forward to having more consistent daily structure and will be continuing to write my next book!


I am so excited to have the same work hours Monday through Friday every week! This hasn't happened for me in a long time, and with my son's new Pre-K schedule, it allows me consistent work hours while my team is all online!


We start preparing for the school year just a few days ahead around here with early wake ups and decent bedtimes. My girls are seasoned pros at getting back into a school time routine. We always look forward to a new school year and crave the structure it brings. It gives us a sense of control in our day-to-day lives, as well.


After a very full, fun, and exciting summer, all five of us could not be more ready for the routine that the school year brings. I'm most excited to get some quiet back into my work days, and with earlier bedtimes, be ready to wake up and move my body first thing in the morning, too. I also printed out our Routines Printable for each girl and they are excited to have a place to check off their morning and evening routines every day. Structure brings our family peace!


Summer is, by far, my very favorite season of the year. As much as I love the flexible rhythms of the summer season, I'm excited to get back to a routine this fall. Every fall feels like a fresh start to me with an earlier bedtime, new habits, and days filled with a little bit more structure. This fall, I'm looking forward to settling into a new workout routine before work in the morning!


I am looking forward to permanent changes in our schedule, like back to school, to force my entire family into a season of saying no. We're focusing on keeping the rhythms of serving at church, kids in school, and dedicated homework time at the top of our list so we have obvious chunks of time for rest, soul care & family fun!


Our family is embarking on a brand new journey with Kennedy starting school this fall. I'm looking forward to structuring our weekdays with a routine that benefits our family as a whole. I'll have more time to focus on meal planning, housework, special holiday activities, and weekend outings. Not to mention, the pure silence while I work at my desk – praise! I couldn't be more excited for what's to come!


This fall, I'm focusing on my own wellness, which feels amazing as a mom of two that share (or take) a lot of my time. I'm finally getting back into a running routine, and it feels SO good to have a workout schedule to follow. I'm looking forward to building back up my distance as that consistency pays off! 


I crave structure after a busy summer every single year. This fall, my planner is filled with all the tasks for fun work projects, weekend hikes, and dinner dates with family and friends. I've organized my schedule to prioritize the beauty of simplicity in weekly routines that include a productive chore list, Sunday morning mass, and unhurried time with my people. I truly feel like this mindset sets me up for calm success and the sweetest memories. 

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