Team Simplified's 2021 Summer Reading List
Team Simplified's 2021 Summer Reading List
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Happy June, friends! Team Simplified has officially entered "Summer Mode," which gives each team member the freedom to plan their work tasks around summer schedules. This is such a blessing that we do not take for granted, but instead try to show others just how important embracing downtime is for the rest of the year. With this time, our team is able to individually regroup and refresh for a beautiful burst of creativity when we come back together for weekly meetings and all things Simplified. 

Some of us have kids and some of us do not, so our summer schedules tend to look very different. It's funny, though, because all of us choose to prioritize our reading lists. Whether it's a back porch afternoon book or reading a few pages between late night mama duties, we're trying to enjoy as many books as we can. We love to bounce book suggestions off of each other and chat about our favorites, so we wanted to share with everyone in our community. We're wishing you the sweetest summer with friends, family, and a great book or two! 

 Team Simplified's 2021 Summer Reading List: 

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