Spring Cleaning Simplicity Challenge
Spring Cleaning Simplicity Challenge
Show Notes

Hi, friends! Let's do a check in. We're halfway through our Spring Simplicity Challenge – Yay! How are y'all doing? 

By sharing 14 simple steps, we get to help you see a clear difference in your newly refreshed home. We often say that physical clutter invites unnecessary mental clutter into our lives, and there is just no reason to be overwhelmed by an overwhelming space. We suggest getting rid of things in your home to eliminate a stressor you can control. If you haven't already started our Spring Simplicity Challenge, day one is a great way to make a difference. It instructs to walk your home with a trash bag to gather trash and put things back where they belong.

For a calming center of heart and home, create space for what matters most. Below, we identified a few pain points (paired with advice) that might be keeping you from organizing and decluttering your home. We're here to help! 

  1. Overthinking – The key to decluttering is to do it quickly. Be ruthless! 
  2. Excuses – Exchange 30 minutes of Netflix for a 30 minute task. Don't wait for your forever home to create a clean space you love. Simply start! 
  3. Disinterested spouse or roommate – Try not to force husbands, wives, friends, or kids into cleaning. Teach, invite, and show them how to tidy their things. Compromise by enjoying or doing something of their choice after!  
  4. Bringing too much into the home – Let's not figure out how to organize 25 pairs of sandals, rather choose our best, favorite, and necessary. Donate the rest! By solving the root of the problem, we won't need to reorganize again and again. 
  5. Not willing to make a change – A small, simple step, such as implementing a routine walk-through of the house with a donation bin, can make your home a lighter, happier place. Try to welcome new organization or structure with a positive mindset! 

Join us on Instagram and Facebook this month for a mini #SimplicityChallenge. One simple step every day for 14 days. Each step takes 30 minutes or less.⁣

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