Simplifying Life in a Crisis #8
Simplifying Life in a Crisis #8: <br>Good News & The Best of Humanity
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Good News & The Best of Humanity

Hi, friends. Anyone else feeling a bit anxious today? My pantry is stocked, my kids know how to wash their hands, and I've had enough information coming at me on high-speed to last a lifetime. Today I'm gathering my favorite posts and articles full of good news that gave me pause over the last few days. These stories are such beautiful displays of the very best of humanity. It's a feeling I haven't felt since post-9/11. A very strange feeling of gratitude, goodness, and unity during a horrific time. It's compassion and empathy at its best. Enjoy!

  • Ohio stadium donates food to Nashville first responders. (here)
  • Disneyland donates excess food after Coronavirus closure. (here)
  • Italians in lockdown keep each other company by singing. (here)
  • In Seville, Spain, residents join a group workout from their balconies. (here).
  • Total strangers are helping others, out of work, pay their bills. (here)
  • Corner store owner gives away $6,000+ in free goods to help seniors prepare for possible quarantine. (here)
  • Woman makes grocery runs for elderly neighbors. (here)
  • Neighborhood kids put on a concert for elderly neighbor who is self-quarantining. (here)
  • Unable to visit wife in nursing facility, man stands outside her window to wish her a happy 67th anniversary. (here)
  • Neighbors create forms to collect information on those who may need help. (here)
  • Lebanese neighbors celebrate a friend's birthday from their balconies. (here)
  • Librarian helps an entire student body check out stacks of books to take home during shut-down. (here)
  • WhatsApp groups are started for friends and neighbors to keep in touch while quarantined. (here)
  • NBA player donates $100,000 for workers out of work at basketball arena. (here)
  • Garbageman expresses a deep sense of pride for the work he is doing to help a community during this time. (here)
  • Shop owners in Scotland purchase $2,500 worth of hand-sanitizer and give them away for free to the elderly. (here)
  • Health care workers in Tehran, Iran stay joyful with operating room dance. (here)
  • Landlord cuts rent in half to help service workers out of work. (here)
  • Distillery uses its equipment to produce hand sanitizer and gives it away for free. (here)
  • Shuttered market offers "pay what you wish" for eggs to help locals. (here)
  • Hotel offers free dinner delivery for elderly neighbors. (here)

Here are a few ideas if you'd like to spread a little goodness during this tricky time.

  • Create cards for nursing home residents who aren't able to accept visitors.
  • Call, text, or FaceTime quarantined friends or neighbors to lift their spirits.
  • Check on your neighbors, especially those at higher risk.
  • Reach out to your single friends right now. Don't let anyone feel alone.
  • Take care of yourself, your heart, and your mind. My next post will be about quieting the noise during this situation and caring for yourself.
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