Simplifying 2020
Simplifying 2020: Part 1 - Home
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Part 1 - Home

I’ve learned a lot about home this year. 2019 was our first full year in our new house in Pensacola. It’s our forever home, so I put a lot of thought into really making it our space. If we are thoughtful about them, our homes have the power to fuel and refresh us, no matter the size. Even if you’re living in a temporary home, there are things you can do to really claim it as a place of rest and respite for yourself and your family. 

  1. Think about what it is you want your home to convey. How do you want to feel when you walk into your home? I want our home to feel warm and inviting. I want friends to know they can pop by unannounced and come in for a cup of something warm on the couch. I want blankets within arm’s reach and signs of family life to exist all around us; photos, kids’ artwork, treasures from our pasts. 

  2. Begin by walking your home with a trash bag. Pick up trash, receipts, clothing tags, whatever is lying around. De-trashing your home will immediately give you a quick reset and inspire you to keep going.

  3. Set aside time to ruthlessly declutter or dive in right now! This is a game changer. And it is not a small task no matter the amount of clutter you have. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is always the time of year I love to dig into this. We put our Christmas decor away, and I spend some time cleaning out closets, drawers, and under beds. I move my favorite hand lotion into my nightstand, throw away old sauces in the fridge or outdated makeup from my bathroom, and gather outgrown children’s clothes to set aside for hand-me-downs or to be donated. With each of these changes, I think about how my day will be happier and smoother: My nighttime routine will be better because my favorite lotion is within arm’s reach (not to mention my dry hands will be happier!), my makeup routine will be simpler because I don’t have to sort through old stuff to find what I actually use, and getting my kids dressed will be simpler (we need all the help we can get during this task, AMIRIGHT?) because the clothes in their drawers are the ones that actually fit. We’re retiring our Ruthless Declutter Challenge to make way for a Spring Simplicity Challenge next year, but you can still download the e-book / guide here.

Simplifying your home doesn’t have to cost you one dollar. In fact, I’d encourage you to set a no-spend rule while you freshen up. You never know what you might find as you declutter and rearrange! Speaking of rearranging, I was the kid who loved to rearrange her room every few months. It made me feel brand new! Consider the layout of your living or sleeping spaces. Could you shift furniture or move one piece to another room to make the space more functional or comfortable? Small changes go a long way. Cheers to your home feeling like home in 2020!


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