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Investing in Your Wardrobe

Do you ever wonder which pieces in your wardrobe are worth splurging on, and which pieces you should save money on and buy at Old Navy or Target? Sometimes spending a little bit more on an item is worth the investment; other times, you should save your money and buy cheaper pieces that look nearly identical. If something is super trendy, it’s almost always best to spend less money on them. They’ll go out of style quickly, and you’ll be left with a closet full of expensive items that you’ve only worn a handful of times. This week we asked each of the girls on our team their philosophy on saving vs. splurging when it comes to their wardrobe. Here’s what we said:

“Invest in great jeans, but always buy cheap tees. My tees take a beating everyday when I’m with my littles, but great jeans will always last longer and fit better. They’re definitely worth paying a little bit more for.” -Emily, Creative Director

“I’m a big believer in splurging on premium denim. They just fit better. Stretch better. Wash better. And last longer. It’s a high price item initially but so worth every penny (especially for an item worn daily)!” –Gina, Director of Marketing

“My philosophy on my wardrobe is I get what I pay for. For years I bought my entire wardrobe, shoes included, from Target–but I found that I was replacing those items yearly due to how worn they were. I then decided to invest in a few high-quality staples and they’ve lasted me many years (although I do still find some super cute pieces at Target that are must haves)!” –Brittany, Director of Sales and Operations

“My philosophy is to invest in a few quality pieces that will last forever (like shoes, denim, and a quality handbag) and try to save on everything else. I try to buy basic wardrobe pieces throughout the year when they go on sale, and that way I don’t get stuck paying full price for a pair of jeans or basic tees when I’m desperately in need of them.” – Hannah, Director of Content and Brand Partnerships 

“I build my wardrobe with high quality basics, and definitely am willing to splurge on something (like my boots!) that I wear all the time. If I want to buy something a little more trendy, I spend less on it since I know I won’t wear it as much.” –Whitney, Senior Designer

“I say yes to splurging on certain things for sure. Working from home I have the ability to wear whatever, but outfits for the special occasions or date nights, I’d say I’d spend a little more than normal.” – Dusty, Project Manager

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