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I live and die by Real Simple Magazine. I own a label-maker and put it to good use personally and professionally. I keep our family’s calendar and a detailed work calendar on my computer including birthdays, anniversaries, notes to change the batteries in the fire alarm and reminders to change the air filters. My envelopes are sorted by color, stacked and pre-printed with my return address.

So it may come as no surprise that my Type-A, OCD’ness leads to a need for perfection in most aspects of my life. This year, I’ve grown immensely in this arena and learned to both embrace my need for organization and simplicity and my penchant for perfection and my subsequent ability to fall flat on my face in its pursuit. Instead of starting a new magazine to rival Real Simple (one can dream?) I’m starting a little blog series simply entitled Simplified. Lately, as my businesses grow and the impending reality of becoming a working (self-employed, nonetheless) mother begins to sneak up – I’ve been paying a lot of attention to my workflow, attempting to streamline my processes, organize my days, and create a workspace that is as functional as it is inspiring. All of this has inspired me to share what I learn along the way as I attempt to streamline, organize, sort and simplify to make. life. easier.

First step on our Simplified journey? A tour of my home-studio – recently remodeled and thuroughly-nested. Stay tuned.

Image: Making Memories blog

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