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Simplicity-04Our Simplicity Series has been quite the hit. I’ve really enjoyed sharing “simplicity” tips and tricks from so many dear friends. I’m excited to share my second post! Here are a few things that make my life a little easier and a little more joyful:


Tourance Blankets: This is my go-to gift for EVERYONE right now (scroll down to Tourance Blankets – I have the snow leopard). Seriously. You will thank me. It’s on sale at One Kings Lane (lots of different colors / patterns / styles) and it’s RIDICULOUSLY amazing. My friend, Danica, said it’s like wrapping yourself up with air. We have two laid over the back of our Restoration Hardware chairs and they make evenings around the fire watching football the most comfy ever. I adore One Kings Lane – I did a lot of Christmas shopping there because they feature a lot of small artisans and GREAT deals. I always feel like I’m purchasing something “found” there rather than from a big box store.

Redefine System by Rodan + Fields: I’ve been using this for a few months and I am OBSESSED. I used ProActive when I was a teen and I really loved the way it made my skin feel so smooth and clean. Redefine is for anti-aging and its fantastic. I have the kit that includes the cleanser / mask (Brady laughs and says I look like a ghost when I use it) + toner + moisturizer for AM and PM. I’m really picky when it comes to skincare… before my grandmother passed away right before Brady was born, she was 89 years old and had gorgeous skin… she used to tell me the secret was lots of time in the sun, lots of sunscreen and lots of moisturizer. I think she was probably right. I have two really dear friends you can purchase R+F from… links below:

Leah Harrison (in Pensacola)

Kristen Steele (in Nashville)

Shopify: Shopify makes my life so much easier. Our shop is built on the Shopify platform and its incredible. They offer everything from payment processing to easy set-up to reporting to discount codes to fulfillment integration. They are amazing – by far the best platform I’ve ever worked on (and I’ve worked on them all). They offer a free-trial and lots of details on their website. If you’re a shop owner, I highly recommend. There’s nothing else like it.

Amazon Prime: I remember being a new mama and having absolutely NO energy OR time to go to the grocery store for soap. I bought soap and laundry detergent on Amazon Prime (FREE two-day shipping!) and had it delivered straight to my door two days later for free. I shop here for nearly everything our family needs (diapers were so easy with Amazon Prime… but thank goodness we’re out of that stage).

Walk in Love: My entire work wardrobe is Walk in Love. Nearly. I’m serious. Their shirts are so incredibly soft and comfortable and carry the most beautiful messages. I have my eye on this one. The owners of Walk in Love are an incredible couple. I love supporting this small business with enormous heart.

The Jesus Storybook Bible: I LOVE this Bible. It’s so perfect for kids Brady’s age (and younger AND older). Every night we tuck Brady in and read a “chapter” from his Bible. The stories are short and the illustrations are captivating. He loves it and remembers so much from it. My favorite part of life right now is putting B to bed and hearing him remind me to read his Bible with him. You can purchase it with Amazon Prime and receive it in just a few days.

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