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Gina Hafley


Hi there! I’m Gina – the Marketing Director here at Emily Ley! My title and responsibilities have changed over the years with the EL team – just like my crazy life! Eight years ago, I was overseeing Annual Fundraising and Events for my alma mater, the University of Pittsburgh, where I met my guest-speaking-football-coaching husband. Since then, we’ve called four states home as we follow my cute husband’s career. This summer we had maybe the biggest, yet hands-down best change – we became parents to a sweet little girl.


What’s your best beauty secret?
Somewhat silly, but I always feel better when my nails are painted.  I love the lasting power of gel polish, but just don’t have the time to go to the nail salon to get it done (or have it taken off for that matter!)  And regular polish chips so quickly for me.  Enter Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel.  I bought it on a whim at Walgreens this Spring and it’s my favorite (in creme de la creme!) This polish lasts a good week without chipping, is only 2 steps to apply and is able to come off with normal nail polish remover.
What’s your go-to outfit for a quick polished look?
I’m all about polished and more importantly, practical. As a remote EL employee, I’m normally tucked away in my home office. Or when I’m not working, I’m with our almost 5-month old, playing on the floor and have drool on my shoulder…and everywhere else! If I’m being totally honest, most days I live in my favorite Nike leggings and a top. But on days when we venture out, I grab something comfy and cute…and easily washable. My go-to outfit ALWAYS includes a pair of dark skinny jeans. I‘m currently loving a drapey, shirt-tail tee (which I have in a few colors). I’ll throw on my favorite pendant necklace, boots or flats (depending on just how cold it is) and be out the door in just a few minutes!
What’s your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family?
Tacos….in the crockpot! It’s seriously is so easy! Chicken breasts + a can of salsa, and eight hours later dinner is ready! For a more fancy take, this is my favorite recipe.
Tell us your favorite at-home date night.
We’ve gotten pretty good at at-home date nights since welcoming a baby! Once she’s asleep for the night, we’ll make a nice dinner – and I usually try to pick something that will get us both involved. One of our favorites is Coastal Living’s Espresso Rubbed Steak – which is the perfect husband doing his thing on the grill recipe. We’ll open a bottle of wine from our monthly delivery – and enjoy! After dinner, we’ll cuddle up on the couch and catch up on our favorite tv shows from the week, or watch a movie.
Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow and why?
@scoutponder – The daughter of ESPN’s Samantha Ponder. Scout is not only completely adorable, but she just makes me laugh (sometimes out loud!)
What’s in your purse?
My favorite purse is collecting dust – as I’m all about a diaper bag these days! J As far as my items inside – there are only a few. A wallet – one big enough to hold a bunch of cards, random coins and some receipts. A pair of sunglasses. And my favorite lip-gloss (in plum) that provides just enough color.
What’s your favorite on-the-go lunch during a busy day?
I love cheese, crackers and fruit for lunch. These new Balanced Breaks make my favorite meal perfect for on-the-go. Throw in an apple or some grapes and I’m set!
What can you not leave home without?
My iPhone! It’s my lifeline – texting my husband, calling my mom & taking 100 cute photos of the little one!
What tradition or routine is important to you?
“Date night”!! My husband’s work schedule is crazy this time of year – and frankly, we don’t really see him throughout the week. His one night off during the Fall (from the time we started dating until now) has been referred to as “date night.” Our “date nights” are now more “family nights” with our little one, with a real date night here and there. It’s a night that we look forward to and count down to all week…and fiercely guard from letting other plans creep in. Phones are tossed aside. No errands are run or house to-dos are done. It’s all about food and family time. It’s usually pretty relaxed and casual – but it’s our time to catch up on the week, relax and enjoy each other.

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