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Ashley Greenwell



Hi! I’m Ashley Greenwell, and I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my husband, Brian, and our golden-doodle puppy, Oliver. I also call Charleston, SC home and have a special place in my heart for the beautiful low country  By day, I’m a manufacture’s sales rep working with commercial interior designers, and by night, I’m a blogger over at Turquoise and Teale! I started Turquoise & Teale as a creative outlet and cover everything from favorite fashion finds to healthy recipes.


How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for others?

In order to be my best self, I make it a top priority to fit working out into my busy schedule. Whether it’s a hot yoga class, lunchtime barre, or taking Oliver for a walk around the neighborhood, I try to get out and moving every day. It’s a perfect stress reliever and a time when I disconnect from all the demands of work and my to-do list and just focus on my well-being.


What’s your favorite beauty secret?

It’s over-said, but my favorite beauty secret is eating healthy and drinking lots of water. I can tell a difference in my skin based on what I eat and drink, so I try to make smart and nutritious decisions for each meal. Of course, I have a major sweet tooth, so it’s all about balance!


What’s your favorite go-to outfit for a quick polished look?

When I’m in a rush and want to feel put together, I always reach for my classic black blazer, a pair of skinny jeans, a great heel and classic, delicate jewelry.


What’s your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family?

Luckily, Brian will eat anything, so I’m always testing out new recipes for us. When it’s been a long day and I’m looking for a simple but delicious dinner, I grab a spaghetti squash, roast it for 35-40 minutes and top with organic tomato sauce, ground turkey and fresh Parmesan and basil.


Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow and why?

One of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow is Conde Nast Traveller. Talk about serious wanderlust! Those images constantly remind me of the beauty in this world and make my travel bucket list insanely long.


What tradition or routine is important to you?

Fitness and eating healthy are the most important routines to me, but a favorite tradition is getting together with my best girlfriends. I have the most amazing group of girlfriends from college and while some have moved away, had kids and we all have demanding jobs, we always make it a priority to plan a girl’s trip at least once a year. It’s the best time to just relax, catch up and be together!


What’s in your purse?

I wish I carried less in my bag, but it’s essentially a Mary Poppins style bag. I always have my wallet, L’occitane hand cream (the best!), chapstick & NARS lip gloss, some form of snack bar (KIND or Bobo bars), a baggu bag for grocery runs and a pair of barre socks.


Where do you find your inspiration?

I grab inspiration from all over. Street style, cute local shops,instagram, traveling and Pinterest!


We know you’re a busy lady! How do you balance all of your responsibilities, along with your personal life? Any tips for our readers?

Staying organized is key for me. I rely heavily on my ical and planner to keep me reminded me of each day’s agenda. I try my best not to over-commit and stretch myself too thin. It’s easy to want to say ‘yes’ to everything, but if I can’t give each project my all, I’m better off passing on it. On the weekends I try to put a pause on my day-to-day sales job and focus on enjoying the time with my family and friends. While my blog and social media accounts rarely stop, I never look at those as jobs, but something I truly love doing. The 30/30 app is genius at keeping me on track. You set the timer for a task you want to dedicate time to and once it’s up you move to the next one. I’d get lost down an endless rabbit hole sometimes without this little tool!


What’s your favorite app (or other tool) for helping you do life? 

My favorite fun app would have to be Instagram. I love the all around inspiration it offers! I’m also a huge fan of Spotify. I’m always working to some type of tunes and love the collection of various playlists and genres I can find.


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