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Alivia McDaniel


Hello! I’m Alivia, but most people call me Liv. I am engaged to the love of my life, Tim, and am a momma to a fur baby named Winston. I am a lover of the outdoors and would be at the beach everyday if I could! After graduating with a Marketing degree from USF I started working in corporate America. Little did I know, God had a totally different plan for my life! I walked into work one day and couldn’t speak. Long story short I developed vocal nodules from singing and couldn’t work for 3 months. During this time I did a lot of soul searching, praying, and asking God what I was supposed to do with my life! I always had fun side jobs modeling and babysitting, but always longed to do something bigger. As I was working full-time in ministry at my father’s church, God gave me the courage to start a bootcamp for women. I am a perfectionist, total type A, competitive, and have fear of failure. I was so scared to start. It was the absolute worst timing in my life with several tragedies, but I put my faith in Him and went for it! I am now proud to say that I am the founder of She, a non-profit for women’s health and fitness that is all about empowering women to be the best she can be through physical, mental, and spiritual health. I am passionate about helping women to become THEIR very best, not someone else’s! The verse I live by is Romans 12:12 “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer.”

How do you take care of yourself so that you’re physically and mentally prepared to be your best self for others?

Funny you ask!! I hold 2 donation only bootcamps a week for women of all walks of life. Knowing that they are all looking at me to role model a healthy life, REALLY pushes me mentally, physically, and spiritually to be my best! Also, I have an incredibly fit fiancé who was a personal trainer for years and we go to the gym together almost every night. I have learned that being my best involves UNPLUGGING and taking a mental break! This part is super hard for me, but is essential for my health. Going to the beach, praying, and watching the sunset is like medicine for me!

What’s your favorite beauty secret?

Hmmm…well I a 100% Maybelline girl when it comes to mascara! I HAVE to 1st curl my lashes and then use my fave, Falsies mascara. Quick tip…coconut oil is the BEST for removing waterproof mascara and helps condition your lashes. Also, dry shampoo all the way!! Running bootcamps multiple times a week and being in the gym a lot, there is no way I am washing my hair every day! Not Your Mothers is my favorite brand.

What’s your favorite go-to outfit for a quick polished look?

Sundress and wedges! Always have to have a watch, necklace, and earrings that match ;)
What’s your favorite quick-prep dinner for your family?

Oh my goodness….anything Mexican! If I am in a huge hurry, I will make a Mexican omelet with fresh salsa, avocado, and spinach on a bed of quinoa. Otherwise I am a grilled chicken kind of girl with lemon sauce.

Tell us your favorite Instagram account to follow and why?

I’m going to be honest and say I don’t really have one favorite. I follow a lot of health and fitness accounts, female motivational speakers, travel accounts, and the dvoapp.

What tradition or routine is important to you?

Growing up as a PK, I would have to say church on Sundays and quiet time in the word. The gym with Tim and weekly She bootcamps are a given ;)

What’s in your purse?

My wallet, favorite lipstick and lip stain, hand sanitizer, headphones, cute little compact brush Tim got me, and workout headbands.

Where do you find your inspiration?

My inspiration comes from my faith in God, family, and my She sisters. Seeing the ladies radiate their beauty from the inside out and becoming more confident in themselves, makes everything worth it! They inspire me to keep doing what I do. My family has been through A LOT together, but I have always been taught that we don’t quit. No matter how difficult life gets, never give up. Tim has been an incredible partner and best friend! He is my biggest cheerleader and inspires me every day. And to save the best for last, everything I have is because of Him. God has carried me through many trials and given me hope, joy, and peace along the way. He has inspired me to write songs about life and to spread the message that you are not alone!

What’s your favorite app (or other tool) for helping you do life?

Moldiv has become one of my faves for photos. My pineapple Emily Ley planner is the BEST and I use the free printable library every week! I’m a paper gal :)


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