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When the twins were born and I became a mama to three little ones, grocery shopping became really difficult. Not only was it crazy to try and push three kids around in a buggy (I don’t even know how?) but imagine me circling the parking lot looking for the buggy that seats two. Seriously. A circus. Plus, even if I went alone on the weekends, I just hated spending our family time running through the grocery store.
Then came Shipt, an on-demand grocery delivery service that puts the entire grocery store into the palm of your hand. Simply download the Shipt app, select your items (dairy, fresh produce, meat, perishables, DIAPERS!, FORMULA! –anything!), choose your delivery window (as soon as one hour later) and you’re done! A trained Shipt Shopper will hand-select your items (and will text you if something is out or if they have any questions) and deliver them straight from the store to your front door. 

Is anyone else thinking… is this real life!? I sure was the first time my delivery came. Shipt contacted me a few months back (I think they saw my bazillions of orders for more diapers and more formula) and asked me about making a short video highlighting our experience with them, and I couldn’t have been more excited. When I look back on what got me through my first year as a mom to three, Shipt is way up on that list. When the babies are running low on diapers or milk, or I don’t have anything to make for dinner one night, I just hop on the Shipt app, and voilà! A sweet shopper shows up at my door, delivering exactly what I ordered. Their shoppers will even text me while they’re shopping to let me know about any out of stock items that I ordered.


Watch this quick video for more details. Including how Shipt came to the rescue when I almost totally forgot our New Year’s Eve ice cream sundae tradition!


Shipt delivers in Tampa, as well as more than 24 cities across the country. Hop on over to their website to view more info on their company and a full list of cities they deliver in. Save $10 on your first order with code EMILYLEY10

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